Top 10 Escape Games For Android In 2023

Escape games are novel puzzle games where you’re caught and need to get out. They can be very difficult and fun.

Escape games are a sub-sort of puzzle games. They are unfathomably better, in actuality. In any case, there are a few games that have comparative components. For the people who may not be aware, escape games have you put in a room or a circumstance and your objective is to escape. You’ve probably managed this technician in some structure previously. A few designers use it as a feature of a bigger encounter while others use it as the primary specialist. Some are straightforward while others are perplexing with storylines. It runs the range, so recorded underneath are our picks for the best escape games for Android!

We’d likewise prefer to give a noteworthy notice to the Can You Escape series. It’s a great arcade series generally.

The Room Series

The Room is a series of puzzle games by Fireproof Games. They are maybe the most notorious escape room games made. Each game has you in a delightfully created room loaded up with perfectly created things. Your responsibility is to sort out the puzzles in general and escape the room, puzzle box, dollhouse, or whatever else the game tosses at you. The puzzles can be genuinely complicated, point by point, and very much covered up. The designs are really choice. Each game has its own arrangement of remarkable mechanics, however it follows a comparative center, arcane story. There are four all out games in the series and you can get every one of them for under $10. More up to date portions incorporate numerous endings, cloud saves, and other current elements.

Great Escapes

Great Escapes is an alternate kind of escape game. Most arcade escape games on Android have many rooms and that makes the game longer. This one zeros in a smidgen more on higher expectations when in doubt. In this manner, you don’t get a gigantic dump of rooms, yet rather room packs delivered as the engineers concoct more. Players utilize the Glitch Camera to take pictures of things. The photos reveal pieces of information about where to go and what to do. You additionally gather things and use them to settle different hints. It’s not the most showy game in the class, yet the execution is way better compared to most. Furthermore, there are still things like clues and an auto-save include so you don’t lose progress.

Tiny Room Collection

Tiny Room Collection is an escape room game with numerous rooms. The player picks the room and addresses the puzzle from that point. The rooms are very much planned with a lot of concealing spaces for hints. At any rate, the engineer says the initial seven levels have no advertisements, yet a few clients discovered some. Regardless, you can eliminate each of the promotions at a solitary cost. Other than the promoting being somewhat irritating now and again, the game is amusing to play and it scratches that tingle.

Monument Valley Series

The Monument Valley series is among the most notable mobile puzzle games of all time. They aren’t escape games rigorously by the meaning of the class. Nonetheless, each level places you in a space that you should escape. The levels turn, flip, curve, and do a wide range of stuff. The fanciful symbolism is just remarkable to see. The main game runs for $3.99 with an in-application buy for some DLC. The subsequent game goes for $4.99 for the present moment. Both of these are exceptional puzzle games, regardless of whether they aren’t rigorously escape games. They center much more around the ostentatiousness of the class instead of genuine trouble. You can play this one for nothing on Google Play Pass assuming you use it.

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Adventure Escape Series

Adventure Escape is a series of escape games from Haiku Games. They are a series of games that follow a hero attempting to settle a secret. At their center, each game makes them settle secrets and afterward escaping risk alive. It includes good illustrations, straightforward mechanics, and the storylines aren’t bad by any stretch. There are nine games altogether and every one is allowed to download. There are in-application buys, yet they’re for the most part only for stuff like clues.

Rooms : The Toymaker’s Mansion

Rooms : The Toymaker’s Mansion is the freshest escape game on the rundown. However, this one takes the term a piece in a real sense. Players orchestrate rooms in good shape so the person can escape to a higher level. The incorrect way can end up bringing on some issues and it’s just once you sort out the correct way that the game allows you to continue. Rooms incorporates 144 levels across four mansions, different exceptional capacities, and an account story with two endings. You get cloud saving and accomplishments also. It’s a solitary buy with no in-application buys and the majority of the delivery bugs appear to be worked out at this point.

All That Remains : Part 1

All That Remains : Part 1 is one of the more up to date escape games. The primary person and his sister are caught in a mystery fortification by their dad. You want to escape it. The game incorporates a camera capability to take pictures of hints. It likewise incorporates different puzzles, a good soundtrack, and an auto-save highlight. The Part 1 piece suggests that more titles in the series are coming. We positively trust so on the grounds that this one was very great. It’s likewise somewhat cheap at $1.49 with no in-application buys.


Veritas is a first-individual adventure game where you settle puzzles to escape the secretive spot where you are. The game beginnings with specialists setting you under and you awaken in a room with no thought how you arrived. The game plays very well, in spite of the fact that there are some UI bottlenecks that we might’ve accelerated a little. It’s a sharp game with an incredible clue framework. You can play part of the game free of charge, however you in all actuality do need to pay to play the entire thing.

The House of Da Vinci 3

The House of Da Vinci is a more established, however remarkable escape room game. You end up in the house of Leonardo Da Vinci to look for the man yourself. The game incorporates respectable designs, different puzzles and conundrums, a lot of Da Vinci-themed rooms, and that’s just the beginning. As far as gameplay, it’s a comparative encounter to The Room. That incorporates dark conditions, smooth development, and the entire puzzle within a puzzle thing. There are a few tiny items that are difficult to get and the game is genuinely troublesome contrasted with a large portion of its rivals, yet that’s the reason we think that it is beguiling. It’s likewise a solitary buy with no miniature exchanges.

Rusty Lake’s Games

The Rusty Lake series is a long-running arrangement of escape games. Each game ties into the primary reason through its area. Each game makes them track down objects, tackling puzzles, and it you’re in to attempt to escape what is going on. The establishment has nine games altogether. Every one is totally allowed to play and upheld by publicizing. The illustrations are somewhat basic, however the majority of the games are free. There is one premium game for $2.99 and it’s superb too. The designers likewise have the Rusty Lake series, a bunch of premium puzzle games with comparative mechanics. The designers likewise as of late delivered Samsara, another escape game with a ton of similar game components as the Rusty Lake series, however isn’t part of Cube Escape or Rusty Lake.

In the event that we missed any of the best escape games for Android, enlighten us concerning them in the comments!

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