Android Update: Discover The New Features Added In Android 14

Android 14 Update New Features

Android 14 is at last here. This is the very thing Google has added to the latest version of its mobile operating system.

The world’s most well known mobile operating system has another version overhaul Android 14 which guarantees improvements to protection, security, and execution. Google, the organization that deals with the OS, has likewise made it a highlight work on the experience for larger screens, similar to tablets and collapsing smartphones. Android 14 is carrying out today to upheld gadgets. Here, we separate the elements that have gotten our attention.

Assuming you’re pondering, Google formally dropped the alphabetical Android dessert names with Android 10, yet the versions are still codenamed inside with a similar system. Last year’s Android 13 was Tiramisu, so the current year’s U letter dessert is called Upside Down Cake. How about we dive in.

How Can I Update To Android 14 ?

On the off chance that you have a Google Pixel phone (Pixel 4A 5G and more current) you can download Android 14 at this point. Just go to Settings > System > System update and tap Check for update.

Google’s Pixel phones are consistently quick to get the new Android version. On the off chance that you have a gadget from another maker like Samsung, Asus, HMD (Nokia phones), iQOO, Lenovo, Motorola, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sony, Tecno, Vivo, or Xiaomi, you can hope to get the update in the not so distant future. In the event that you can hardly pause, it’s quite significant that a portion of these gadgets are qualified for the Android 14 beta program (Google has a rundown of makers here). We don’t suggest introducing the Android 14 beta on your primary phone, since bugs and issues are unavoidable. Try to back up your Android phone first or you might lose something valuable.

Updates will probably spring up naturally, however you can constantly check whether you have the latest version by going to Settings > System > System update and tapping Check for update. Need to get off the beta and return to Android 13? Go to research’s Android Beta page, look down to track down your gadget, and hit Quit. This will wipe all privately saved information, so ensure you back up your gadget. You’ll get an update brief so you can return to the more established version.

In the event that you don’t have a Pixel or a gadget in the beta program, watch out for your maker’s website, discussions, or online entertainment to realize when you can hope to see Android 14.

The New Features of Android 14

We are featuring our #1 highlights and enhancements in Android 14, and from what we’ve seen, it’s generally seeming to be a little update over its ancestor. You can learn all the more straightforwardly at Google’s developer site.

Improved Support With Large Screens

The primary thing Google reported in the underlying developer see was help for developers attempting to fabricate applications that adjust effortlessly to various screen sizes. With additional instruments and plan guidance accessible for developers, we can expect applications that function admirably across smartphones, collapsing phones, and tablets. This would reflect how Apple has made its application ecosystem progress consistently from iPhone to iPad to MacBook.

Data Protection

Monitoring how applications and games are doing your data is a lot harder than it ought to be. You could give applications admittance to certain data in light of their strategy when you introduce, however consider the possibility that they are obtained by one more organization or change their arrangement for another explanation and choose to offer your data to promoters or other outsiders. Android 14 will send you a month to month advance notice when applications have changed their data sharing propensities.

Increased Personalisation

You have for some time had the option to alter your home screen, however with Android 14, you get more devices to modify your lock screen. There’s a lock screen picker, lock screen layouts, a monochromatic topic, and backing for Ultra HDR images. You can likewise make parallax impact wallpapers utilizing your own photos, cartoon-style wallpapers with your number one emoji, and, surprisingly, generative artificial intelligence wallpapers in light of text prompts.

Restricting Photo and Video Access

Assuming you are awkward with the win big or bust nature of giving an application access to your photos and videos, you will be satisfied to discover that Android 14 adds a choice to choose the particular photos and videos it is permitted to access. Apple presented a comparable element in iOS 14.

Health Connect

You could utilize one application for your shrewd scales, one more for running, but then one more to follow your rest. Google’s Health Connect application offers a method for unifying your health and wellness data and offer it across various applications and administrations, however it is still in beta. The application comes preinstalled on all Android 14 devices and will update naturally.

Extended Battery Life

There is no title include here, however Google has invested a serious energy into working on Android’s proficiency to lessen power channel. Changes to how the operating system handles foundation errands, downloads, and transfers, close by a couple of different changes, ought to empower Android proprietors to press somewhat more life from their phone batteries. It additionally looks like the choice to check “screen time since last full charge” in the battery settings menu is back.

Increased Safety

Since malware will in general objective more established versions of Android to stay away from security enhancements in fresher versions, Android 14 won’t allow you to introduce more established applications from Android 5.1 and prior. There are a couple of other in the background changes to further develop security, however maybe most outstanding is further developed help for validation with passkeys empowering biometric login as opposed to involving passwords for more applications.

Improved Share Options

The share menu in Android has for some time been conflicting across various Android devices and applications. Google is currently permitting applications to add custom actions to system share sheets, and more application data is being utilized to decide the positioning of your potential share targets. This ought to take into consideration a more reliable and valuable sharing menu that includes the applications and contacts you really need to share with.

Larger Fonts and Smarter Scaling

Changing to a larger textual style in Android 13 was restricted to 130 percent on Google’s Pixel phones, yet Android 14 permits you to increase text styles to 200 percent. To forestall messed up designs, the system utilizes nonlinear scaling, and that implies any words that are as of now increased (like headings) will not develop larger, making the text more readable for people with vision weakness.

Regional Preferences

Whether you lean toward the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, Monday or Sunday as the beginning of your week, or explicit schedules or numerals, you can set these systemwide in Android 14 and they will continue through backup and restore. There is additionally further developed help for gendered languages like French, and better language customization in light of region.

Improved Assistance for Hearing Aids

All the more uplifting news for people with hearing loss, as Android 14 will quit generalizing hearing aids with the likes of other Bluetooth devices. There is another devoted page for hearing devices, and you can choose which sounds ought to go to your hearing aids and what ought to get through the device’s speakers. What’s more, to assist with forestalling hearing harm, Android 14 will caution you when you have been paying attention to noisy music for a really long time with a spring up notification.

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Protected PIN

There’s one more security and comfort upgrade in Android 14 for the modest PIN. You can now switch off the activitys that seem when you enter your PIN to make it harder for different people to see your digits. Assuming your PIN is six characters or longer, you can likewise dispose of the alright button toward the end and simply have it unlock when you input the final number.

Anticipatory Rear Gestures

Google has added a conspicuous back bolt that matches your wallpaper or topic for more clear gesture navigation. Combined with prescient back gestures, which manage the cost of you a brief look at the screen that a swipe-back gesture will take you to, it ought to be more straightforward for people to comprehend how to explore and where they will land. It isn’t at present clear where a back swipe will take you in Android; at times it is the home screen, once in a while a previous screen, or an application.

Notification Flashes

Android 14 empowers you to turn on camera flashes and screen flashes for approaching notifications. This has been accessible on other Android smartphones (like Samsung devices) and iPhones for quite a long time, however it hasn’t been heated into the operating system itself. You can turn on either, or both, and choose the variety your showcase will flash. Fundamentally intended to assist individuals with hearing loss, it can prove to be useful for any individual who doesn’t maintain that their phone should make a clamor or buzz with each approaching notification.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should I Upgrade To Android 14 ?

With Android 14, your health, security and data is safeguarded. You’ll be better educated regarding how applications use and share your data, and you’ll be urged to more readily get your phone from unapproved access. Furthermore, significantly more ways of making your device more you.

Does Android 14 Improve Battery Life ?

Android 14 offers recognizable upgrades in intensity and battery life the executives on account of force saving advancements.

Is Android 14 Launched ?

Android 14 is the 64-bit fourteenth significant delivery and the 21st version of Android, the mobile operating system created by the Open Handset Alliance drove by Google. It was delivered to general society and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on October 4, 2023.

Is Android 14 Stable ?

Android 14 incorporates a milestone called Platform Stability to assist you with arranging your final testing and deliveries. This milestone implies that Android 14 has arrived at final inner and outside APIs, final application confronting ways of behaving, and final non-SDK Programming interface records.

What Weakens Android Battery ?

Here are the absolute most normal ones: There are excesses of pop-up messages and cautions depleting the battery. There are an excessive number of applications running location services. There are an excessive number of applications running behind the scenes.

Is Android 14 Worth The Upgrade ?

Notwithstanding, Android 14 is definitely not an especially weighty mobile OS, with the most remarkable expansion being the Magic Editor photograph device that is select to Pixel 8 phones. In general, Android 14 is a rich mobile operating system, however the update isn’t exactly pretty much as far reaching as Android 13 or as effective as Apple’s iOS 17.

Is Android 14 Better Than Android 13 ?

Android 14 accompanies numerous enhancements that can help many clients, for example, more profound accessibility choices like 200% font scaling and customisable lock screens. One more huge expansion to Android 14 is Google’s obligation to 7 years of updates on Pixel 8 devices.

What Is Android 14 Called ?

Android 14 (internally codenamed Upside Down Cake), was declared on February 8, 2023. A developer preview was delivered right away, as well as a guide with the dates of updates. This contained one more developer preview, which was distributed on Walk 8, as well as four month to month beta versions.

What Are The Benefits Of Android 14 ?

Android 14 updates and further develops camera expansions, allowing applications to deal with longer handling times, which empowers further developed images utilizing process concentrated calculations like low-light photography on upheld devices.

What’s New On Android 14 ?

Android 14 offers some little yet delightful point of interaction changes noticeable. There is a redone battery saving mode flip, some home screen spring up changes, share sheet enhancements, another monochromatic topic, and that’s just the beginning.

When Android 15 Will Come ?

Android 14 is the following Android operating system update, so Android 15 (code named Vanilla Ice Cream) will not show up until the following year. Watch for an authority notice at Google I/O 2024. Like all Android versions, Android 15 will be accessible through the Android Beta program after Google makes its declaration.

What’s The Codename Of Android 14 ?

Google has a custom of giving dessert names to its Android flavors, despite the fact that since Android 13 that pattern reached a conclusion. Yet, that hasn’t prevented the organization from involving the desserts as their inward codename, and according to new discoveries, the Android 14 or U version codename is Upside Down Cake.

Which Android Version Is Outdated ?

At this point, any version of Android more seasoned than 9.0 Pie, delivered in August 2018, is by and large viewed as obsolete. Obsolete Android versions miss the mark on security patches and improvements found in fresher deliveries. This leaves devices defenseless against malware and takes advantage of that target more established programming.

Does Android 14 Improve Gaming Performance ?

The new power mode Game in Android 14 demonstrates to the Power Manager Service that the client is playing a game. When the Power HAL is informed of the Game Mode, it can change ability to upgrade execution, lower temperature and expand battery life, while the game is being played.

Is Android 14 Smoother ?

In genuine applications, Android 14 has resolved longstanding issues on Pixel devices, eminently the Pixel 6 and 7. Clients of these devices frequently announced overheating and unnecessary battery channel, however with Android 14, many have noticed their phones running cooler, smoother, and showing upgraded battery life.

Does Android 14 Use More Battery ?

Android 14 is the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, and it incorporates a few highlights and upgrades pointed toward broadening battery life and further developing execution. Quite possibly of the most massive change in Android 14 is the decrease of foundation action to further develop execution and broaden battery life.

Is Android 14 a Big Change ?

Android 14 updates the system sharesheet to help custom application actions and more educational preview results for clients. Applications that utilization the new system back APIs can select in to prescient back to naturally get in-application movements and furthermore support custom transitions.

What Is The Difference Between Android 13 and Android 14 ?

Android 14 likewise brings an incredible component for senior residents and individuals with vision challenges by further developing how font size and show text scaling works. Dissimilar to Android 13, which simply allowed up to 130% scaling, Android 14 currently offers 200% scaling.

Will Android 14 Support APK ?

As per a recently posted code change, Android 14 is set to make Programming interface requirements stricter, completely blocking the establishment of obsolete apps. This change would block clients from sideloading explicit APK records and furthermore block application stores from introducing those equivalent apps.

Why Can’t I Install Old Apps On Android 14 ?

One of the security updates prepared into Android 14 is a component that blocks you from introducing some more seasoned apps worked for Android 5.1 or prior sort of. In the event that you have a brand new phone or tablet running Android 14, the facts really confirm that you can’t download and introduce these more established apps on your device itself.


These are the best Android 14 features good to be familiar with up to this point. We’ll make certain to update this article with new highlights as we dig through the update.

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