Top 14 Fighting Games For Android In 2023

Great fighting games on Android are difficult to come by. Fortunately, there are essentially a couple, so here are the best fighting games for Android!

Fighting games may not be the most well known kind any longer, yet individuals who actually love the class are among the most faithful gamers. Tragically, fighting games haven’t been as well known or effective on Android as many would’ve trusted, and there aren’t many astonishing choices accessible. There were a few quite enormous deliveries in 2018 and some more since. Notwithstanding, you’ll in any case need an emulator in the event that you need something seriously fun. Regardless, to try it out, here are the best fighting games for Android.

We’d likewise prefer to give a decent notice to Footsies. It’s an extremely basic yet habit-forming fighter.

Injustice : Gods Among Us

Injustice : Gods Among Us 1 and 2 are two fo the most well known fighting games on mobile. In any case, as most famous fighting games, the mechanics for both are somewhat bogus. It’s mostly just tapping a lot of times until someone wins. Aside from that, they with a respectable roster of DC Comics heroes, tons of stuff to do in the game, and online multiplayer. Mortal Kombat is one more fighter by Warner Bros with generally the same mechanics. Neither of these games are perfect, yet they’re both good time killers.

Shadow Fight 4 : Arena

Shadow Fight Arena is the latest in a long-running series of famous fighting games. This one is a piece not quite the same as its predecessors however it’s still a decent fighter. You play a person and duke it out against the AI and different players. The controls are a piece simple and bad-to-the-bone fighting fans might think that it is inadequate. Nonetheless, there is a sizable amount of here for casual players. The franchise’s previous games are also very great to play the more seasoned ones.


Brawlhalla is a surprisingly fun fighting game. It plays a ton like Super Smash Bros. Players play on a small stage with edges where you can tumble off. The various characters have various attacks and abilities, which is basically the same as Super Smash Bros. What’s more, the on-screen controls are exceptionally customizable and there are a couple game modes. This is a decent arcade fighter that is loads of tomfoolery in short bursts. There are also 50 characters with seriously coming constantly.

Real Boxing 2

Real Boxing 2 is the sequel to perhaps of the best fighting game out there. You’ll get to play as (and against) the famous imaginary person as you fight. There is also a great deal of stuff to do. You can challenge different fighters, participate in scaled down games, fight bosses, and even make your own personality. It has a selection of enhancers and stuff and that can reverse the situation fighting no matter what. The controls are really good as are the graphics. There is also social mechanics as leaderboards and gifts.

Streeta Of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 is a remaster of the first game from 25 years prior. It includes the classic beat them up mechanics. You pick a person, wander around the level, and fight trouble makers while trying not to be hit. The remaster includes several characters, a couple game modes, secret levels, and all the more additional stuff. The ongoing interaction is reasonably smooth, and it’s what you anticipate. You move evenly across a level while miscreants occasionally spawn to take you out. Use your best moves to bring them down and finish the fight. There is a discretionary DLC available for $2.99 as well.

The game has a couple of flaws. Some users report a propensity to crash on startup, in spite of the fact that we didn’t run into that issue during our testing. The main thing we saw is the occasional edge drop when a ton of stuff is going on screen.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars may be arriving at just a tad. The ongoing interaction is somewhat more beat them up style than a genuine fighter, however it has large numbers of the same tense elements. You and several others play online PvP against up to three complete opponents. You need to pummel them, and finish the goal. In any case, the game does have a one versus one fighting mode that is basically just a fight until the very end. The fighter classification isn’t super loaded with extraordinary titles, however we think this one is great for killing five minutes.

Real Steel Series

Real Steel is a series of robot fighting games from Reliance Games. Dissimilar to most, these titles include arcade-style fighting controls. That means you’ll need to move and hit all alone. There are four games in the robot fighting series, each with its own set of mechanics, looks, and stuff to do. The most well known one, Real Steel World Robot Boxing, includes customization, multiplayer, and several other play modes. The latest game in the series is World Robot Boxing 2 and it has reasonably nice reviews. These are on the higher finish of the fighting game spectrum.

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Vita Fighters

Vita Fighters is a more conventional 1v1 fighter. The game includes north of 30 characters, 16 stages, boss fights, regulator support, and that’s just the beginning. In terms of interactivity, it resembles the fighters from the 90s and 2000s. You move around to avoid attacks, hit combos, and attempt to outsmart and outflank the rival. The regulator support really helps here, since it lets you do moves somewhat more actually.

There are some silly elements as well. The characters are designed according to famous characters from different franchises, so you’ll probably see some characters you perceive. It’s a surprisingly decent fighter, especially for customary fighter fans.

EA SPORTS™ UFC® Mobile 2

EA discontinued their unique UFC mobile game in mid 2022 and presently we have its successor. The game doesn’t play all that similar as its predecessor and some trust it’s for the worse. The controls are less granular and more arcade-like. There is also a RPG progression where your fighter gets all the more impressive as you level them up. Some other game features incorporate a gacha component to fabricate an ideal group of fighters, signature moves from enormous fighters, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s most certainly not as great as the first, but rather it required the first a couple of years to find its sweet spot so we trust EA improves this one as well.

Punch Boxing 3D

Punch Boxing 3D is the first of a couple of boxing games on this list. As with most boxing games, the interactivity is undeniably slower than combo fighters and you depend more on the block and strike moves as opposed to development. The graphics are okay and the controls seem to work as planned. It’s awful that your controls are essentially bound to impede and punch, yet that is the way it sometimes goes. The sound is also quite awful. You can also step up your personality by fighting at the rec center and there are different accessories you can open.

Skullgirls Series

Skullgirls is somewhat of a treasure waiting to be discovered. It’s not referenced in the same conversations as Street Fighter or KoF, yet individuals seem to like this one. The game brands itself as a 2D fighting RPG with mechanics from the two genres. You gather different characters, level them up, and afterward use them to whip others. The game is a piece heavier on the RPG elements than it is fighter elements, however there are an adequate number of controls there to scratch that tingle. The online PvP has some problems, including the occasional lopsided coordinate, yet otherwise it seems like a pleasant little RPG fighter.

The King Of Fighters ALLSTAR

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is one of the more up to date fighting games on the list nearly speaking. It takes place in the KoF universe and has a lot of characters from the various games. It’s a smidgen of a button masher, however it has more control options than something like Mortal Kombat X or Injustice 2. The game also features online PvP, center play, and a campaign choice. Individuals seem to really like this one aside from the slack issues while playing PvP matches. Aside from that, it’s a solid allowed to-play fighter.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is one of the huge fighting game releases of 2018. However, it’s not without its problems. The full game features a nice selection of characters and real fighting mechanics. It also includes several somewhat broken, yet practical features like Bluetooth regulator support and online PvP. We’ll be honest, this one still needs some work. Nonetheless, Capcom seems capable with a swath of updates in the first couple of weeks of release. Most of the problems were fixed in its first year and the Google Play rating seems to pivot from its insanely low score from in those days.

Prizefighters Series

Prizefighters is another one of the more up to date fighting games. It’s a retro-style boxing match-up similar to those from the SNES period (the 1990’s). It features simple controls, player and ring customization, a progression system, social features, and that’s just the beginning. The developers also promise online multiplayer at some point. That should hoist a generally better than expected insight. This is a decent one for fans of retro fighting games. The in-application purchases aren’t as awful as competitors, either.

In the event that we missed any of the best fighting games for Android, enlighten us regarding them in the comments!

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