10 Best Video Player Apps For Android In 2023

Playing video on mobile can be an errand here and there. Get your film time on with the best video player applications for Android.

Video streaming has taken over incredibly. A many individuals have Netflix, Hulu, VRV, and even YouTube memberships as their essential video streaming administrations. Notwithstanding, there are still a lot of us out there with video records on our phones. Seeing videos isn’t close to as troublesome as it used to be. Most video player applications can play the most famous video codecs without issues. That is except if you utilize some peculiar codec.

Regardless of whether you, you actually have a lot of choices to see it. We should look at the best video player applications for Android. Kodi is a decent choice that we do exclude from this rundown since it works as to a greater extent a media player. We have that rundown connected up toward the lower part of this article.

MX Player

MX Player has for quite some time been one of the most famous video player applications. It upheld more arrangements well before other video player applications remembered to do so and it was additionally among the first to incorporate things like equipment decoding, equipment sped up playback, and other such elements. It actually has those things alongside motion controls (counting squeeze to-zoom), caption support, a children lock to keep your children in the application watching their Disney movies, and it upholds basically every codec out there. Like MoboPlayer, it accompanies extra modules to add greater usefulness assuming that you want them.


Xender is a mix of a record move application and a video player. You can impart music and movies to individuals in your overall area without utilizing mobile information. Furthermore, the application can play most movies and music documents easily. That makes it a respectable choice for those sorts of things, despite the fact that it has no high level review or playback controls like many devoted video player applications. A decent one-two punch for those need to impart media to their companions and afterward likewise watch or pay attention to that media. It’s free and it’s shockingly famous.


BSPlayer has been around for longer than most video player applications and has kept on being truly outstanding in all that time. It highlights multi-center equipment decoding, equipment sped up playback, and backing for streaming from network (DLNA) devices. What’s more, there is caption support, the capacity to play records from packed organizations, and you might have a spring up window on the off chance that you need to. The free variant is promotion upheld, however has the highlights as a whole. There are likewise extra modules for far superior help. The full adaptation runs for $5.99.


VLC has become well known as one of the high priority video player applications. It has a large number of remarkable highlights, including the capacity to transfer videos in the event that you have the URL. It can likewise play some dark video designs, similar to DVD ISOs. Dissimilar to most, it likewise has all of its codecs worked in without the requirement for extra module downloads. Different elements incorporate caption support, full media support (counting audio), multi-track audio, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is likewise a beta variant in the event that you need to evaluate the most recent highlights. This is the one we’d suggest first, as it is quite possibly of the best.


MPV is a free and open-source video player that swings as well as anyone. The application accompanies support for most video codecs, caption support, network transfer backing, and, surprisingly, current elements like picture-in-picture mode. We like this one since it keeps the experience sensibly clean while additionally giving sufficient ability to do how you want to manage it. We think VLC is a bit better generally speaking, however MPV is unquestionably an expert in this space either, and a decent choice for people would rather not use VLC for reasons unknown.

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Archos Video Player

Archos is one of the more well known video player applications on Android. It upholds most video record types, including MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, and so on alongside different caption document types like SRT, SUB, ASS (indeed, without a doubt), SMI, and others. Obviously, there are different elements also, similar to server and NAS support, outer USB stockpiling backing, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The application additionally incorporates a moderately current connection point, straightforward controls, and data from locales like IMDb, themoviedb.org, and others. By and by, we tracked down no main problems with it, albeit some Google Play commentators have. Regardless, it’s a strong choice with a modest ace rendition.

Video Player All Formats

Video Player All Formats is an essential video player application. It’s likewise somewhat of a treasure waiting to be discovered. It flaunts support for most video codecs. A portion of different elements incorporate Chromecast support, a night mode, a security envelope, and variable speed playback controls. It appears to check all the right boxes during our testing. Additionally, it flaunts no flag promotions despite the fact that there are a few in different spots. You can open the promotion free rendition for $3.99. It’s certainly one of the more fragile singles out our main ten, yet being here is still sufficient.


AllCast is a video player that has some expertise in sending your locally put away satisfied to your Chromecast, Roku, Apple television, Xbox 360/One, and other DLNA consistent devices. Alongside videos, it additionally upholds different sorts of media. It has somewhat of a harsh beginning, yet has rapidly become one of the most steady casting applications out there. The free rendition has a five-minute cutoff for content while the genius variant has no impediments. You can likewise transform your Android device into an AllCast receiver (fit for being casted to) with the AllCast Receiver application.


Plex is at present the most intelligent solution to the subject of what to do on the off chance that you have a ton of videos and just 32GB of stockpiling on your phone. Plex allows you to set up a server on your PC and afterward it will stream content from your PC to your smartphone. It’s a piece extraordinary from other video player applications, yet it likewise doesn’t expect you to keep your documents on your device. That opens up important extra room for other stuff. The help is allowed to set up, the mobile application costs $4.99, and you can get a discretionary $4.99 each month membership to open all of the Plex Pass highlights.


LocalCast is a contender to AllCast and they play out a ton of similar capabilities. That incorporates streaming media from your device to a Chromecast, Xbox 360/One, Roku, Fire Stick, or Apple television. Alongside AllCast, it allows for streaming from distributed storage (Google Drive, Dropbox), and it ought to chip away at most DLNA consistent devices. It really does just have the codecs that the Chromecast upholds. However, that ought to be most major codecs nowadays. All things considered, it’s a very rare example of decent video player applications that carry out this role.

Assuming we missed any of the best video player applications for Android, educate us concerning them in the comments!

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