10 Best Notes Apps For Android In 2023

Note taking applications are among the most valuable kinds of applications on mobile, regardless of whether they aren’t showy. Here are the best ones!

A numerous incredible aspect concerning having a smartphone is the capacity to take notes. You have your smartphone on you at basically all times. That makes it an excellent spot to put your snapshots of motivation. Or on the other hand a decent spot to put that you really want to get milk at the store. One way or the other, it’s an incredible spot for taking notes is what we’re talking about. Obviously, you’ll need the right application for that work so we should investigate the best note taking applications for Android!

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote is Microsoft’s introduction to the note taking applications class. It’s incorporated into OneDrive like how Google Keep is coordinated into Google Drive. The application has a lot of elements including association highlights, cross-stage support, gadgets, Android Wear support, joint effort highlights, and backing for voice, text, and photograph increments to notes. It’s genuinely strong and a high priority application in the event that you utilize other Microsoft applications as of now. It’s additionally viable with Microsoft Office items and Office 365. We energetically suggest utilizing it assuming that you utilize those different administrations.


Evernote is one of the most remarkable note taking applications there is. It comes jam-loaded with highlights. That incorporates the capacity to take various notes. Furthermore, you can match up between your devices, Evernote is all one of the cleanest, most cleaned note-taking applications. It’s likewise a gigantic name here. The free form used to be much better, yet at the same it’s still genuinely practical. The membership renditions add some more remarkable stuff like simulated intelligence ideas, show highlights, more cloud elements, and more coordinated effort highlights. It’s most certainly among the best on the off chance that you wouldn’t fret the costs.

Simple Notes Pro

Simple Notes Pro is, all things considered, a simple note taking application. It includes a nitty gritty, negligible format and list of capabilities. The application incorporates fundamental text notes, records, light theming, and an adaptable and re-sizable gadget. That is essentially it. It doesn’t interface with the Internet and it has no superfluous authorizations. It’s even open source. This is the one we suggest for individuals who simply believe something simple and simple should accept notes. The application costs $1.19 with no further in-application buys. There is a free variation yet it’s not exactly upheld all that much any longer with refreshes.

Google Keep

Google Keep is seemingly the most famous note taking application at the present time. It utilizes an exceptionally beautiful, Material Plan propelled interface that the two looks perfect and is profoundly utilitarian. Notes appear as cards that you can rapidly look at and select. The application has Google Drive joining so you can get to them online in the event that you want to. Also, it has voice notes, to-do notes, and you can set updates and offer notes with individuals. There is barely sufficient to be really valuable without being swollen. It additionally has Android Wear support assuming you want that. We have a very decent instructional exercise for Google Keep here in the event that you really want it. Microsoft OneNote has a great deal of similar highlights at a similar cost tag. You can go with Microsoft in the event that you don’t need Google Keep Notes.


BlackNote is a simple, insignificant note taking application. It works like most note applications with a large group of standard elements like association, the capacity to take list notes, gadget choices, and stuff like that. However, this one bundles every last bit of it up in a smooth, simple to-peruse UI. You can likewise look through notes, most loved notes for more straightforward review later, and lock the application to keep inquisitive eyes away. The free adaptation contains advertisements and the $2.99 in-application buy eliminates them. This is a strong by and large note taker.

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Omni Notes

Omni Notes is another extremely simple note taking application with a Material Design interface. This one purposes an upward card format that is both simple to look at and simple to keep track of. It likewise can consolidation, sort, and quest through your notes for better association and revelation. What’s more, the application has DashClock backing, gadgets, and a sketch-note mode where you can draw and doodle in the event that you need to. It has an adequate number of elements to be cutthroat without hindering itself. It’s one of the extraordinary note taking applications for those on a careful spending plan too.


FairNote is one of the fresher note taking applications. It includes a simple connection point, Material Design, and a label framework for more straightforward association. The application attempts to zero in a smidgen more on security. Note encryption is discretionary and it utilizes AES-256 encryption. Moreover, pro clients can set up their fingerprints to scramble and decode notes depending on the situation. Other than that, it has the majority of the elements you’ll require. The free adaptation accompanies the greater part of the highlights. You can open everything with the superior form. Fortunately, it’s sensibly estimated.


LectureNotes was one of the main great note taking applications for understudies and scholastics. It was one of the earliest applications to incorporate pointer backing and keeps on being truly outstanding with that include now. There is support for OneNote and Evernote alongside PDF backing, sound and video recording capacities (for recording talks or gatherings), and significantly more. It utilizes an open design that is perfect for composing notes or composing them if necessary. There are an adequate number of instruments there for practically any undergrad or any other person who necessities to take point by point notes. We suggest looking at the free preliminary prior to getting it. It’s not perfect for general use, but rather it’s most certainly perfect for the scholarly world.


ColorNote is one of the most famous note taking applications. It permits you to make text notes, records, and then some. Its namesake highlight is the capacity to change the foundation shade of notes to assist you with remaining coordinated. That is a component numerous other note taking applications acquired from this one. A few different highlights incorporate schedule support, reinforcement backing to both interior stockpiling and distributed storage, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. ColorNote needs plan for the day highlights also. The best part is that it’s totally free.


SomNote is somewhat of a trump card in the note taking applications space. It provides food more to the long-structure note taking style. That makes it incredible for things like diaries, journals, research notes, story composing, and others. It has an organizer framework for simple association, a locking instrument to keep things secure, and subject choices. There is likewise a matching up highlight so you can alternate between devices. The free form has promotions and restricted cloud support. The exceptional membership gives you 30GB of cloud storage, no advertisements, and that’s just the beginning. You in all actuality do need to buy into dispose of the promotions, yet that is about the main disadvantage. There is no single installment choice.

On the off chance that we missed any of the best note taking applications for Android, educate us regarding them in the remarks!

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