10 Best Reminder Apps For Android In 2023

We can be generally distracted in some cases however fortunately, there’s an application for that.

We as a whole need a little reminder to do things in some cases. We live in a world loaded up with interruptions and different gleaming things that frequently lead us off kilter of anything that it is we’re attempting to do. In this way, setting reminders can not exclusively be useful yet a deliverer in certain circumstances.

There are various ways of utilizing reminders on Android. Many individuals use Google Assistant or a comparative individual assistant application. You can likewise find reminder usefulness in schedule applications, note-taking applications, and plan for the day applications. There are likewise applications explicitly for reminders. We have a sprinkling of all of the above in the rundown beneath. Here are the best reminder applications for Android.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is Microsoft’s daily agenda application. It works cross-stage with Windows devices. A few different elements incorporate cooperation includes so you can impart undertakings to family, companions, and colleagues. You additionally get repeating assignments, reminders, and a few additional granular elements like notes and subtasks. It’s a totally decent reminder application, and it’s usable on your windows PC or PC. That makes it a decent possibility for individuals on a tight spending plan who actually need the highlights in general and cross-stage support with their Windows PC.


Heynote is somewhat of a trump card here. It’s really a live backdrop application blended in with a note-taking application. You leave notes on your backdrop and yet again apply them to get your reminders right on your home screen consistently. It’s a slick method for achieving the accomplishment without additional pop-up messages or a gadget. You can make notes over plain foundations or just keep in touch with them over your current backdrop. Simply remember that this is a backdrop application, so in the event that you conclude you could do without it, you actually need to switch your backdrop back to what it was physically. It’s additionally completely free as of this composition.

BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder is an extremely easy plan for the day application. You can set reminders, and afterward the application reminds you when now is the ideal time. The application has a powerful yet short rundown of elements. You can variety code undertakings and reminders for simpler association. Moreover, it accompanies Android Wear support, cautions, repeating errands (for taking out the trash consistently), and, surprisingly, set hourly reminders for things like drinking water. It likewise has gadgets, a basic schedule included, and that’s just the beginning. The application isn’t so mind boggling as the huge names here. Be that as it may, it’s one of the most amazing straightforward reminder applications for individual use.


Todoist is among the best daily agenda applications. It’s strong, classy, and it functions admirably. Alongside the application, it accompanies a Chrome expansion and a local PC application. Like that, you can remain synchronized all over. It upholds the vast majority of the fundamental highlights you’d require in a plan for the day application. The main drawback is that the genuine reminders part is a top notch include. You can in any case see your daily agendas in both the application and gadget design. We would’ve enjoyed basically a solitary reminder for every errand in the free rendition. We possibly suggest this one as a reminder application in the event that you anticipate going premium with it at any rate. Those searching with the expectation of complimentary choices ought to look at the other applications on this rundown.

Google Keep

Google Keep is likely the best note-taking application accessible at this moment. It’s likewise around a few component refreshes away from being a plan for the day application. It highlights joint effort includes that let you share notes with others. You can likewise take text, list, photograph, sound, and video notes. The reminders highlight is genuinely straightforward however successful. You can set notes to spring up as notices at specific times or places. For example, you can make your shopping list note spring up when your GPS shows that you’re at your nearby supermarket. It likewise saw a significant update in late 2018 that makes it much more charming to check out. Google Tasks is one more great choice here and, frankly, likely a preferred choice for reminders over Google Keep.

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Google Assistant

Personal assistant applications are the fury at this moment. The well known ones incorporate Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung’s Bixby. These personal assistant applications are additionally great reminder applications. You essentially draw in with them and request that they remind you to accomplish something at a specific time. They ordinarily consent with next to no issue.

Assistant is likely the best one here and chips away at most Android devices. Alexa is right up there yet just chips away at Amazon devices. Cortana deals with most things, yet it’s somewhat fragmented, while Bixby is the one we’d suggest for Samsung proprietors (accepting they don’t as of now use Google Assistant). Stir things up around town to see our rundown of the best personal assistant applications on Android!


Memorigi is a daily agenda application and personal organizer. It functions as you would anticipate. You can place in your timetable, tasks, and other such things alongside reminders to do them as a matter of fact. It additionally includes support for repeating tasks, different sorts of plans for the day, and, surprisingly, some efficiency details. The top notch variant adds a “pester me” mode that irritates you until you do what you want to do. Fortunately, you needn’t bother with a membership to get essential reminders. It looks great, functions admirably, and the free adaptation is utilitarian.

Calendar Notify

Calendar Notify is a better than expected calendar application and an incredible reminder application. It synchronizes to Google Calendar, so you can utilize both on the off chance that you really want to. It conveys a speedy perspective on your plan and plan for a snazzy gadget design. Furthermore, you get a few gadgets alongside a serious level of customization. Obviously, you can include reminders to your calendar tasks and get warnings for it depending on the situation. The advantage of having a gadget on the home screen with the data and furthermore notices helps a ton. It’s without a doubt less complex than the stock Google Calendar application, however you can utilize both reciprocally for more control.


TickTick is a remarkable new daily agenda application. It has many highlights, including reminders, repeating tasks, gadgets, different customization choices, and, surprisingly, a calendar. TickTick balances the involvement in Material Design, synchronizing between devices, joint effort with other TickTick clients, and that’s just the beginning. It turns out perfect for different circumstances. In any case, it works best in a family or workplace where various individuals utilize the equivalent application. The free adaptation is more than sufficient for personal use. The ace variant runs for $27.99 each year, and it’s generally for organizations.

Life Reminders

Life Reminders is one of the straightforward reminder applications. It allows you to make tasks with a cutoff time. The application just reminds you when now is the ideal time to make it happen. It might set up phone calls or send SMS/instant messages on a timetable. Tasks are repeatable on an everyday, week after week, or month to month plan. Also, the application utilizes Material Design, upholds seven dialects, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In any case, the application is straightforward, and it functions admirably. The free variant has a large portion of the elements.

Assuming that we missed any of the best reminder applications for Android, enlighten us regarding them in the comments!

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