10 Best Cricket Score Apps For Android In 2023

Cricket is a shockingly well known sport and it’s not difficult to track down great applications. Here are the best cricket score applications for Android!

Cricket is a shockingly huge sport on the overall stage. It’s particularly well known in nations like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Australia. It’s a piece amazing since the sport started in the United Kingdom. Anyway, there are a lot of applications out there for cricket fans and particularly ones who need to keep track of who’s winning of matches from everywhere the world. Notwithstanding, it appears to be the vast majority need a decent scoring application. Here are the best cricket score applications for Android.


ICC is probably as near an authority cricket application as it gets. The ICC is administering collection of cricket and its true application covers a wide range of cricket stuff. It covers all kinds of people cricket, incorporates ball-by-ball critique, a coordinate community with a lot of details about the groups, full group pages with significantly more data, video content, competition inclusion, and a news segment. It experiences some association issues and some say the site is better compared to the application. In any case, we thought the application turned out great. It’s likewise totally free with publicizing and incorporates a smooth UI.


CricHeroes is a cricket scoring application for novices. It’s great to the point that it’s the main novice scoring application we remembered for the rundown. You can monitor individual players, games, and an entire series in the event that need be. The controls for scoring are adequately basic to utilize rapidly to stay aware of game play and you can investigate the details after games. The application incorporates a couple of extra comforts like video content, random data, tests, surveys, and other things like this. In any case, on the off chance that you really play cricket and need a score guardian application, this is the one we would suggest attempting first.

Cricket Line Guru

Cricket Line Guru is a basic, however viable cricket score application. It has support for a lot of competitions, including the World Cup. Moreover, it offers close live score refreshes, match lines, and discourse. The data is all sufficiently coordinated for simple perusing while at work or at home. There are even surveys about who you think will win. There are a couple of bug protests in the Google Play Store reviews, however it seems like the vast majority partake in the application.


Cricbuzz is one of the most well known cricket score applications on Android. The application includes the standard cluster of highlights, including quick score and discourse refreshes, timetables of impending matches, news and articles, details and rankings, and backing for the IPL, BBL, CPL, Natwest T20 Blast, and other significant cricket competitions. The UI is straightforward, however sensibly nice and appears to function admirably in testing. Certain individuals love the application while others grumble a ton about bugs. Its polarizing nature makes it challenging to prescribe to everyone except it has probably however much data that you can hope to find in a cricket application. The designers additionally have an application explicitly for people in India also.


CricLine is another great cricket score application. The UI is extremely straightforward so the individuals who like rich looking arrangements might have to look somewhere else. Be that as it may, all the other things about this application is strong. It covers an extensive variety of cricket competitions, groups, and associations. The application has a few phony reviews, sadly, and those reviews guarantee things that aren’t correct. Nonetheless, as a score application, it takes care of its business honorably. The main drawback is the publicizing as it can get somewhat aggravating now and again.

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We didn’t anticipate that ESPN should have a devoted cricket application, yet we are right here. The application brags worldwide inclusion different associations and competitions alongside live scores, ball-by-ball analysis, different updates and alarms, news, video features, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s a shockingly respectable across the board choice and you could tweak it to just focus on the associations and competitions you care about. The greater part of the objections we found were for association issues. Other than that, the application looks and functions admirably.


SofaScore is something somewhat unique. This one covers numerous sports across various associations from one side of the planet to the other. It’s most popular for its soccer scores, however it covers most significant North American sports alongside different sports like cricket, rugby, volleyball, cycling, water polo, and numerous others. This is a superb choice for devotees of numerous sports who need to monitor their number one groups or competitions. It doesn’t have the in that frame of mind of committed cricket score applications, however extraordinary for individuals need every one of their sports scores in a solitary spot.

CREX Cricket Exchange

Cricket Exchange is a famous cricket score application. It includes different competitions and associations, including all kinds of people associations alongside each of the three significant cricket match-up types. You likewise get close live score refreshes alongside ball-by-ball discourse, video features, different random data, a news segment, and match surveys. We like the lists of competitors so individuals can gloat over how right they are with regards to anticipating matches. There is an exceptional membership that eliminates promotions and it’s generally sensible in the event that you’re truly into this application.


CricSmith isn’t the freshest or most famous application. Notwithstanding, it gives a clean UI, exact scores, and speedy updates. The application is good for following games as they occur. Also, it has player info, pop-up messages for different key game minutes, some news, and different capabilities. The news segment feels somewhat exposed however appears to have a respectable determination. It won’t win any honors yet it’s a basic application that takes care of business.


OneCricket is another less famous cricket score application for certain nice highlights. It does all of the stuff you expect, similar to score updates and backing for lots of cricket competitions. Be that as it may, this one allows you to stick games so you can rapidly allude back to it on a case by case basis. This speedy score reference separates it from the vast majority of its rivals. Nonetheless, it appears to miss the mark on exhaustive ball-by-ball critique and a few pieces of the UI could utilize a little work. In any case, it’s better compared to most.

Assuming we missed any extraordinary cricket score apps for Android, educate us regarding them in the comments!

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