10 Best Gallery Apps For Android In 2023

Is the stock gallery application on your device horrendous and it’s making you crazy? Here are the best gallery applications for Android!

Regardless of the straightforward reason, not all gallery applications are something very similar. Some of them work phenomenally with incredible plans and snappiness. Others experience the ill effects of unfortunate plan and gradualness. Generally, we suggest keeping your unique gallery application that came on your phone. It’s improved for your phone, and typically has a very sizable amount of highlights for normal use. Nonetheless, to try things out and see what’s out there, you have a lot of fair choices. Here are the best gallery applications for Android.

Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault does precisely exact thing the name says it does. It makes a confidential vault for your photos to get them far from meddlesome eyes. With it, you can stow away photos, videos, and some other sort of record that this application upholds. You can likewise conceal the symbol so nobody knows how to get to it, yet you get cautions assuming that somebody breaks in, and it upholds some finger impression empowered devices (Samsung devices just for the time being). It’s a decent choice as far as gallery applications in the event that you need some security, and you can evaluate the free form before you get it.

Aves Gallery

Aves Gallery is one of the more grounded choices for gallery applications on Android. It’s free, open-source, and it hits all of the right checkboxes. The application handles a lot of various document designs, including more uncommon ones like TIFFs, SVGs, and that’s just the beginning. There is additionally support for video documents. The UI is negligible and clean, despite the fact that regardless of whether it’s great is dependent upon individual taste. However, we believe it’s very great. The highlights work without issue, and we’re unable to say anything terrible regarding it since there doesn’t give off an impression of being anything off-base. This is one of the great ones.


Scene is a gallery application that likewise does different things. It’s genuinely straightforward as a gallery application. It shows each picture in your library with some essential partition by date. You can make exhibitions depending on the situation or look at them. The application likewise does a schedule view that we believed was remarkable. There are a few minor elements, such as putting your photos in a video slideshow, that certain individuals might like. The exceptional variant is a membership. It adds a limitless sync choice, intuitive getting sorted out, and a few other little things that you can really live without contingent upon your necessities. It’s not awful.


1Gallery is the freshest gallery application on the rundown. It’s likewise a blend between a standard gallery application and a gallery vault application. The application works like any standard gallery and you can see your photos by date and in framework structure. In any case, the application likewise allows you to stow away your photos and videos behind a pin, example, or fingerprint lock. The hidden files are hidden as well as encoded for your privacy. A few other more modest elements incorporate a very basic photo and video proofreader capability as well as a light and dull topic. It’s modest, nice, and it ought to get better after some time.

Google Photos

Likewise with most lists, here is the compulsory Google choice. The Google Photos application is a cloud storage application where you can transfer as numerous photos and videos as you need. The main disadvantage is that the images and video will be compacted in Google’s High-Quality setting. Be that as it may, the application can likewise see your device organizers to see any stuff you haven’t transferred. Tragically, Google finished the free piece of it beginning in June 2021, so this isn’t exactly the simple proposal it used to be, yet it’s as yet a decent gallery application.

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F-Stop Media Gallery

F-Stop Media Gallery is one of the more established gallery applications. This one elements a compliment, cleaner design complemented by Material Design with a couple of truly nice highlights. You can look your photos in light of their metadata which is somewhat marvelous and you can add labels to your photos for simpler association. It likewise understands metadata (counting EXIF, XMP, and IPTC data), and there is a Smart Albums include that assists you with arranging your stuff all alone. The best part is that it plays GIFs! This is effectively one of the most conspicuous gallery applications for the individuals who like their stuff clearly. A portion of the highlights require the expert variant, however the free form is still extremely useful.

Simple Gallery Pro

Simple Gallery Pro is, all things considered, a simple gallery application. The application is completely disconnected with no pointless consents. Moreover, you get a picture and video search, support for 32 dialects, a most loved capability for fast access, a reuse receptacle to recuperate lost photos, and a lot of ways of filtering your gigantic assortment. There is likewise a security include with a fingerprint unlock for added privacy. There was a free variant of the application. Nonetheless, just the top notch form gets refreshes now. That is not no joking matter on the grounds that the application is just $0.99. Also, it’s open-source, and it upholds most kinds of photos and videos. The engineer has a few bugs they’re sorting out, yet in any case, it’s strong.

Gallery Elite

Gallery Elite is a workable and practical gallery application. It brags a decent level customization, simple elements, and a good UI. The application incorporates things like swipe motions to move around the application, and you can utilize it genuinely well with only one hand. The settings menu is not difficult to explore, and it pulled up each picture we attempted in our testing. There is a gentle feeling of messiness, particularly in our screenshots folder, yet you become acclimated to it moderately rapidly. The exceptional rendition is a solitary in-application buy, so there are no memberships to gum things up. It’s very great.

PhotoMap Gallery

PhotoMap is one of the more exceptional gallery applications. It allows you to take pictures and save them through area. You can then utilize a map to see your photos in light of where you took them. For example, you’d need to explore to the ocean side to see the pictures you took close to the ocean side. It’s one of the cleaner GPS-based gallery applications available. It’s likewise only amusing to play with. You can download it for nothing or pay for the pro variant for $2.99 as an in-application buy. There are even AR highlights to play with.

A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery is a simple gallery application. You can do the typical things like dealing with your photos, making photo albums, and sharing your photos. Alongside that, it has support for Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and Facebook. That implies you can see those photos too. Moreover, it accompanies a vault feature where you can keep hidden images. The design is strong and it’s quite easy to utilize. It consolidates Material Design and iOS styles into a solitary look. You can download it free of charge with a discretionary pro rendition accessible as an in-application buy. It’s not terrible to the extent that gallery applications go.

Assuming we missed any of the best gallery applications for Android, educate us concerning them in the comments!

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