15 Best Rockstar Games Of All Time In 2023

We know GTA 6 is coming, so here’s a boost of the best Rockstar games while you pause.

The best Rockstar games hold an exceptional spot in our souls. Throughout recent many years, the engineer has gained notoriety for presenting to us probably the best open world games and the best shooters in gaming history and if you have any desire to get very granular there’s even a contention to be made that Rockstar is behind the absolute best hustling games of the PS2 period, as well, considering how those rapid pursuits could equal any semblance of Forza Horizon 5 even today.

Obviously, Rockstar is most popular for GTA 5 and the entire Grand Theft Auto series. Gunslinging criminals and ostentatious sportscars aside, however, the studio has an astonishing scope of titles on offer in the event that you’re searching for something somewhat unique.

With GTA 6 in development, there will never be been a superior opportunity to bounce once more into probably the best Rockstar games ever. Whether you’re hoping to replay the absolute best single-player games and disentangle the secrets that support the best computer game stories, or hoping to investigate a portion of Rockstar’s peculiarities from the back list, there’s something for everyone here. So continue perusing to find our authoritative positioning of the 15 best Rockstar games ever.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Maybe the prettiest AAA game ever is likewise one of the record-breaking extraordinary open worlds. In an aspect where the game beneath and The Witcher 3 don’t exist, this is the GOAT of GOATs. Recounting an influencing story of subjugation, lost dedication, and fittingly, of a redemptive curve that takes somewhat too lengthy, this is undoubtedly the best yarn Rockstar has at any point turned.

It’s likewise a flawless computer game. Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t just great at, however incredible at all that it attempts its hand to. The vibe of your pony as it jogs across the huge grasslands? Top tier. The six-barrel, incredibly effective shootouts? Never bettered. The abundance of detail across an immense world that couldn’t be awkward in an undeniably more engaged Wicked Canine game? That is Red Dead Redemption 2 for you.

GTA : Vice City

Assuming there’s ever to be one final time case to incorporate all that mankind at any point was, we truly trust E.T. furthermore, fam find Vice City covered under the dirt. A definitive mix of presentation and significance, GTA won’t ever arrive on a more wonderful setting. The Miami of Tubbs and Crockett-style sleeves and interminable daylight, Vice City is however inviting and warm as it seems to be underhanded. This is GTA at its generally alluring and tactless. With the best soundtrack in history and Beam Liotta conveying an executioner, Goodfellas-aping turn as Tommy Verecetti, there’s an explanation Vice City stays the immortal champion in last year’s generally flimsy GTA Set of three remaster.

GTA : Vice City Stories

Rockstar Leeds figured out how to extract one more smaller than expected wonder from the PSP with this sun-dappled spin-off. Further developing Vice City Stories focusing on framework, and presenting an amiable new lead as Vic Vance indeed, that would be the sibling of Spear this is one more winning interpretation of portable GTA. The game’s greatest heritage is presenting an element the series would return to with enormous progress in GTA 5. That would be its ”domain building’ property framework: a technician that let you swell Spear’s wallet as you purchased and battled to keep neighborhood organizations running.


Individuals wax on about the significance of Pong and Pac-Man, yet there’s a decent opportunity Grand Theft Auto 3 is the most compelling computer game ever. Did 3D worlds exist before Rockstar’s breakout crush? Obviously. However, did a solitary one of them with the conceivable exemption of 1996’s Tomb Raider get inside a hundred long distances of its social effect? Way off the mark. Basically making the cutting edge 3D open world layout as far as we might be concerned, if not for GTA 3’s groundbreaking, if janky cop pursues and shootouts, could Ubisoft as the sandbox-fixated element today is even exist? The main game on this rundown and it ain’t close.

GTA : San Andreas

Taking into account it sent off in 2004, GTA : San Andreas is a game of practically disgusting scale. Incomprehensibly greater than both GTA 3 and Vice City consolidated, Rockstar figured out how to pack a whole US State onto PS2. A contorted interpretation of California, including Rockstar’s ready to take care of business portrayals of L.A., San Francisco, and Las Vegas, it’s ridiculous a game of this size and desire was at any point pressed onto a PS2 circle.

In any case, in addition to the size of San Andreas made it extraordinary. Carefully agreeing to another period piece after the progress of Vice City, this mid ’90s adventure takes advantage of the soul of works of art like Boyz in the Hood, as it tells the story of CJ, a gangster with a heart and a side serving of humility.

Red Dead Revolver

In an equal bizarro world, there’s a reality where Capcom distributed this adoration letter to spaghetti westerns, not Rockstar. Said reality most likely includes Red Dead Redemption or its similarly electrifying spin-off never turning into a thing, so say thanks to Clint Eastwood’s last fistful of dollars the grieved Capcom creation was in the long run saved by Rockstar. Could John Marston and Arthur Morgan’s incredible Boondocks stories firearm down this somewhat off-kilter, to a great extent direct bandit in a moment? Sure. Yet, such is Rockstar’s warmth for Westerns, Revolver’s heritage is that of a game that inspired two of the best open world games ever.


A paper disturbing phenomen when it hit store retires several years eliminated from GTA: San Andreas, hardly any new AAA games have pursued discussion very like Bully. A virtual jungle gym sim that allows you to dole out wedgies quicker than the school flask can plate lunch, the story of adolescent delinquent Jimmy Hopkins is GTA with pimples.

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The stripclubs and headshots could have been given detainment forever and always, however Bully’s slingshot-shooting, kiss-taking, bedlam causing action conveys the underhandedly perky sandbox recipe you’d anticipate from Rockstar. By and large, we really do feel a small piece blameworthy about pushing that kid who assisted us with Jimmy’s schoolwork into a receptacle multiple times in a single school week.

Read Dead Redemption

There’s a contention to be made that Red Dead Redemption is the best story Rockstar has at any point told. At long last unshackled from the tenacious criticism and parody of GTA, Rockstar was sufficiently strong to tell a sincerely grounded story of a fair however imperfect man searching briefly chance in the withering days of the Old West.

This is an exceptional, remarkably acknowledged rendition of Sergio Leone’s Wild West one that you can appreciate in 4K on Xbox One X or Series X/S because of the real work of Microsoft’s back compat group. Tremendous, amusing, while frequently miserable, this cowpoke sandbox produces shootouts more honed than any GTA, while the story is undeniably more unobtrusive and sincere. In John Marston’s incredibly strong three-hour epilog, Rockstar conveys what many would contend to be the boldest and best truly finishing to an AAA computer game. John, you’re (very nearly) the most incredible in the West.

GTA : Chinatown Wars

Who said hierarchical GTA was routine? Assuming you told a youngster playing Pokémon Yellow on their GBA that a couple of years after the fact, they’d weapon down criminals in a GTA that had been bespokely intended for a Nintendo handheld, they’d have gotten dizzier than Pikachu mid-Volt Tackle. Besides the fact that Chinatown Wars sagaciously planned was, it utilized the DS’ remarkable highlights like involving the second screen as a guide or blowing into the handheld’s mic to flag down a taxi. Huang Lee’s pocket-fitting hit is a savagely ignored GTA diamond.

Midnight Club : Los Angeles

Nobody truly discusses Midnight Club, yet they ought to. GTA has consistently driven the sandbox pack with regards to responsive driving models, so it ought to be nothing unexpected the one committed hustling series Rockstar made feels exquisite to control. The last mainline passage in the series, and with more than 10 years without notice of a development, it seems to be Midnight Club’s race is run. In any case, we’ll recollect the last game affectionately for its tight directing and exciting cop pursues through an affectionately rendered City of Heavenly messengers.

Read Dead Online

Red Dead Online is a fabulous multiplayer experience, yet it likewise stinks of unfulfilled potential. In spite of wriggling liberated from Arthur Morgan’s rope and turning into an independent game in 2020, new updates have evaporated. Being a Wild West abundance tracker used to gulp down our nights, however those grasslands have since gone somewhat calm. In a world where GTA Online updates are continually produced, it looks this fugitive fell off second best close to its Blaine Province cousin.


Regardless of whether the series arrives at GTA 4, we question Rockstar will at any point nail its interpretation of New York very like this once more. In Niko Bellic’s dry-witted, downbeat Vice City, the studio has its definitive Spoiled Apple. Totally improving the first set of three’s vehicle taking care of and shootouts to feel significant and genuine for the PS3 and Xbox 360 age, GTA 4 spotlights on glimmering subtlety in its diversion of the most popular city on earth. San Andreas has its hypnotizing scale, no question. However, every time Bellic unintentionally ragdolls a passerby with a latent forceful push on a Specialist walkway because of that energizing Fury motor, you can feel the city’s harsh soul. A really astonishing (if somewhat hopeless) Grand Theft Auto.

GTA : Liberty City Stories

It very well might be minimal more than a barebones retread of GTA 3, yet at the same come on. This is a completely working 3D Grand Theft Auto on a PSP! Every one of those equivalent dingy Liberty City corners can in any case be bombarded around in vehicles and even bicycles this time around as you go whacking wiseguy to wiseguy as GTA 3 journey provider, Tony Cipriani. The reality Rockstar Leeds figured out how to crush Liberty City onto a contracted down PS2 is a genuinely gobsmacking specialized accomplishment.


In an incredibly emotional medium, there are scarcely any games that should be considered the best ever. At the point when you calculate deals and basic achievement, two extraordinary competitors for the most part stand tall. Furthermore, seeing this is definitely not a best rundown of Mojang games/or Minecraft extensions, it’s reasonable what the GOAT of this rundown is.

GTA 5 is a stunning computer game. A creative, underhanded and wonderful open world that plays out like a joking rendition of Michael Mann’s Intensity, this is ostensibly the best game made. Whether finishing the incredibly paced Jewel Store work on a 720p, 32-inch screen on Xbox 360 once upon a time, or being sufficiently favored to play Franklin and co’s criminal hijinx at 4K/120fps on a huge OLED television politeness of a very good quality PC, this is most likely the best open world game ever.

Max Payne 3

This isn’t Cure’s Max Payne. Dumping the blade sharp cheekbones of series maker Sam Lake, the wore out ex-operation we meet slumming it in the city of Rio is basically as engaging as this notable person has at any point been. Rockstar at last (and astutely) puts together Max’s appearance with respect to longtime voice entertainer James McCaffery, with the recently swollen previous regulation authority demonstrating he can in any case face Neo with regards to gravity-challenging shootouts. Payne’s action might be one note, yet when said note is all around as fantastically high as the joyously artistic Bullet Time firearm fights on offer here, we say: “Play it once more, Max.”

If we missed any best Rockstar Games of all time, Please let us know in comments!

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