10 Best Audio Editor Apps For Android In 2023

Audio editing is best on PC, yet it’s feasible on mobile when absolutely necessary. Here are the best audio editing applications and DAWs on Android.

Audio editing requires something a piece unique in relation to some other type of editing. Individuals for the most part utilize various tracks, require things like sound adjusting, and other stuff. Groups need it to cut collections, and podcasters need it to plan shows. It’s a wide industry with a ton of arrangements that function admirably. A decent DAW ought to allow you to alter numerous channels, different audio effects, and the most flexible ones have things like MIDI help and other things like this. There aren’t a lot of choices, however we assume we tracked down the great ones. Here are the best audio editing applications and DAWs for Android.

We’d likewise prefer to give a decent notice to Caustic 3 and KORG Kaossilator. They are both really excellent applications here however haven’t been refreshed in six years and three years, separately.

Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor is one of the easier audio editing applications on Android. It overlooks a significant number of the fancy odds and ends of its more costly partners and depends on a simpler encounter in general. The application incorporates a 10-band balancer, more modest devices like beat, speed, and pitch changes, and even stuff like sound decrease. You likely won’t make studio-level stuff with this. All things considered, it’s certainly adequate for some TikTok video sounds or other, comparative use cases.

Cubasis 3

Cubasis 3 is the mobile form of Cubase, the well known PC DAW from Steinberg. The mobile form isn’t exactly as strong yet it can take care of business. It includes a limitless number of audio and MIDI tracks (the preliminary has four of each), time-extending, pitch-moving, north of twelve impact processors, 550 audio circles, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Projects made here likewise work with the work area adaptation of Cubase. Steinberg is additionally extremely free with the preliminary. It doesn’t endure forever, yet you can in a real sense restart it however many times as you need.


SunVox is right up there with Kaossilator and Caustic 3 regarding sound creation. It’s a measured synthesizer with a great deal of customization. You put down the sounds you need and afterward play them. From that point, you can record, import into another application, and alter depending on the situation. A few highlights incorporate help for up to 32-digit WAV documents, multi-track WAV sending out, and lots of impacts. It’s additionally sensibly modest with no extra in-application buys.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is a genuinely famous DAW on Android. It highlights multi-track audio, MIDI recording, different examples and drum editors, and additional editing instruments. There are additionally some recording instruments like a metronome. A few tertiary highlights incorporate Google Drive reinforcement and full help to move the undertaking to the iOS form, in the event that you have an iPad. It’s sensibly respectable and less expensive than most. The in-application buys incorporate some modules that add additional impacts.

Koala Sampler

Koala Sampler is a music sampler application. The application allows you to record up to 64 unique examples, and afterward use them to make beats. It likewise accompanies support for vocals, the capacity to blend successions, and, obviously, circling capabilities. It’s strong, it upholds MIDI regulators, and you could in fact import tests you’ve proactively made. It’s anything but a completely unlocked DAW, however you can assemble an entire music track with this application. There truly isn’t a lot of amiss with it, and it functions as promoted.

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Bandpass is a social DAW where you can cooperatively chip away at stuff with others. The application contains more than 3,000 examples, and you can utilize them to arrange music. You then share it with other people who can tune in, add to it, and in any case screw with it too. Once finished, you can send out tunes to your device or straightforwardly to SoundCloud. The social part of this makes it one of a kind from the majority of the others, however it is as yet usable offline in the event that you like. There are two membership bundles that open different highlights, or you can purchase credits to make a particular number of circles. We don’t do this frequently, however the membership is the more ideal arrangement assuming you expect to utilize this long haul.

Roland Zenbeats Music Creation

Roland Zenbeats Music Creation, generally alluded to as essentially Zenbeats, is a decent all-around music creation application. It allows you to create beats, use tests, record your own examples, alter music, and use more than 14,000 presets to make everything meet up. The UI finishes the work, despite the fact that there is an expectation to learn and adapt since there are such countless capabilities. You additionally get MIDI help, somewhat straightforward sharing choices, and the sky is the limit from there. You can purchase a ton of things with credits, or select one of three memberships that open fluctuating measures of highlights inside the application.

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is one of the most well known audio editing applications on Android. It includes a full editor arrangement, a lot of impacts, and lots of different highlights. It additionally upholds Chromebooks. A few different elements incorporate equipment MIDI help, the capacity to save in an assortment of record organizations, and additional items like drum cushions in the event that you want to make your own beat. There are in-application buys for additional items modules on the off chance that you need them, yet it is discretionary. It’s a piece pricy, yet it’s really powerful.

N-Track Studio

N-Track Studio is a respectable DAW for mobile. It offers a limitless number of audio, MIDI, and drum tracks alongside impacts, reverb, and other essential stuff like that. The UI is spotless and easy to utilize. It even has a coordinated metronome assuming you’re recording your own stuff. A different highlights incorporate the capacity to share your recordings online, a 2D and 3D range analyzer, a circle program and test pack, and that’s just the beginning. It’s a piece buggy every now and then, yet in any case will in general function admirably.


BandLab is one of the better free audio editor applications on mobile. The application includes a 16-track editor, a sampler to make custom instruments, and a looper capability to make beat circles. It likewise flaunts north of 300 virtual MIDI instruments, 180 impacts, a looper, and, surprisingly, a video cut editor. It’s not exactly as strong as some others, but rather the cost is correct and you might distribute stuff on BandLab’s web-based entertainment administration after you’re finished.

Assuming that we missed any extraordinary audio editor applications for Android, educate us in the comments.

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