10 Best Color Matching Apps For Android In 2023

Color matching is not difficult to do with bunches of decisions. Look at these applications to assist you with matching, concentrate, and track down colors.

Color matching is helpful for a great deal of reasons. Perhaps you need to paint your room or utilize the color for a logo or visual communication project. There are numerous ways of separating color from pictures and figure out what colors they are. This procedure goes by many names, however you’re attempting to match the color of a thing you see, so that is the very thing that we’re going with. Here are the best color matching applications for Android.

Color Picker

Color Picker returns the rundown to application just color matching applications. This one is great. You point the application to a picture and afterward advise it to color-remove the piece you need. You can perceive how that searches in the screen capture above. From that point, you can save the colors for future reference, change them to what you need, and see more information about the colors. It makes it quite simple to match colors and monitor colors you like.

There are likewise different tools like a color temperature meter to impeccably match the colors you really want. Like most on the rundown, this one has a modest sticker price and no memberships.

Color Harmony

Color Harmony extracts colors from images. The application upholds different color modes, including RGB, HSV, RAL, and CMYK. It utilizes those modes to assist you with finding matching colors to the images you input in the application. There is likewise support for Adobe Photoshop Color Sample, and it can make color ranges from any photo.

It’s generally helpful for specialists or inside planners, however you can involve it for practically any color matching application. The application runs for $1.99, and that is completely sensible to us.


Palette is a basic yet successful color matching application. You point it at a picture, and the application consequently extracts every one of the conspicuous colors from the picture. It saves them in a palette that you can reference later. You can likewise snap a picture through the application to accomplish exactly the same thing. There is likewise a most loved choice to raise photographs with colors you like, support for hex qualities, and you can save your #1 colors for future reference too.

The application is just 3MB in size, so it doesn’t occupy a great deal of room on your phone. Other applications have better UIs and more elements, however this one is speedy, simple to utilize, and it takes care of business sensibly rapidly.

Camera RGB Color Picker

Camera RGB Color Picker is a straightforward application. It allows you to utilize your camera to snatch colors from the things you point it at. It’s fit for pulling at least one or two colors from a similar scene, and you can stockpile to 250 colors for future reference.

A different elements incorporate the capacity to duplicate the color values to your clipboard, a spotlight easy route, and you can stop the picture so you can utilize the application without wrecking your shot. It’s modest and simple to use too.

Color Muse

Color Muse is something somewhat unique. It’s an application that matches with a piece of equipment to assist you with finding the colors you’re searching for. The device is fit for perceiving 16,500 colors straightforwardly through the application. It interfaces with the device by means of Bluetooth, and the application assists control the equipment with splitting of it.

What’s more, the application can coordinate anything color you filter with 500,000 items online in comparable colors. Different highlights incorporate LCG, RGB, CMYK support, a color examination tool, and you can track down paint with the colors through the application.

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The device begins at $59.99, and the application costs $9.99 each month. We don’t suggest this for anybody with the exception of experts who can involve this as a deduction.


Pixolor does things a tad uniquely in contrast to a large portion of the others on the rundown. It puts a drifting circle on your screen that can extract any color displayed on the screen. It’s usable in internet browsers and other applications, as well as your home screen, application cabinet, and different spots. You can copy the color esteem by sharing the application and choosing the “copy to clipboard” choice.

The application was at first planned for other application engineers to change the colors in their applications. Be that as it may, it’s likewise usable to match the colors on fundamentally anything on your phone.

There isn’t much amiss with it, and it does what it should do. It’s likewise a one of a kind approach to handling something like this.

Color Grab

Color Grab does what the application title says. It allows you to haul colors out of a picture. The application likewise incorporates constant color estimation, color acknowledgment, a color mixing tool, and that’s just the beginning. You might in fact enter things like a custom white equilibrium to color right what your camera sees. There is additionally support for six different color references and stuff like grayscale and that’s just the beginning.

This one is a touch more remarkable than some others on the rundown. Those searching for something to that effect can begin here.


Kolorette is something somewhat unique. It imitates the Material You theming tracked down in Android 12 and 13. It’s a gadget load with things like a clock, an inquiry bar, and others that coordinate colors with your backdrops. It can likewise trade colors to other applications like Tasker or KWGT so you can make your own custom gadgets with the colors extracted from your backdrop.

Applications like this ought not be vital once everyone gets on the Material You train, yet up to that point, it’s a slick method for matching your gadgets to your home screen backdrop.


Pigments is one of the greater color matching applications. It can create entire color palettes with a solitary tap, and you can tweak them from that point. You can likewise make your own in the event that you need to. Like most, it can extract colors from images, despite the fact that you really do require the superior rendition of the application to make it happen.

A few different elements incorporate a color visual deficiency mode that reproduces different kinds of color visual impairment, and different worth backings like HEX, RGB, HSV, or CMYK. It centers less around the color extraction part of things and more on the creation and customization of color palettes. We’re good with that.

Color Gear

Color Gear is another phenomenal application for color extraction. It has two principal capabilities. The first is a color wheel that allows you to pick colors straightforwardly from it. Different allows you to enter a picture, and it’ll coax the colors out of it for your reference. The application likewise upholds RGB and HEX color codes, a color altering tool, and that’s just the beginning. You can save your palettes for future reference also.

That is pretty much all the application does. It keeps things basic, and it’s sensibly simple to utilize. The exceptional variant goes for $2.99 with no extra in-application buys or memberships.

In the event that we missed any color matching applications for Android, educate us regarding them in the comments!

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