25 Best PS Vita Games Of All Time In 2023

25 Best PS Vita Games Of All Time In 2023

The best PS Vita games that changed Sony’s force to be reckoned with of a portable control center.


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The best PS Vita games demonstrate the way that much can be achieved in a brief timeframe. Sony’s force to be reckoned with of a portable control center shined brilliantly, and afterward wore out yet its staggering, flexible library of games lives on. With its delightful OLED screen and great tech specs, the PS Vita was genuinely relatively radical, which is only one reason it sits so profoundly in our positioning of the best handheld control center.

In any case, the explanation the framework remains so adored is a result of the encounters it conveyed. It brought huge spending plan, AAA gaming progressing something you’ll see reflected in our positioning of the best PS Vita games, a significant number of which were created by the greatest engineers on the planet. This Vita could have been a business disappointment, yet the individuals who contributed know exactly how wonderful this handheld really was.

How about we investigate why, with our conclusive breakdown of the 25 best PS Vita games ever.

Uncharted : Golden Abyss

Indeed, even today we actually can’t resolve how Twist Studio figured out how to pack a full-fat Uncharted experience into a 7.2-inch console. Without a doubt it’s hampered by some fairly naff touchscreen-based controls (a considerable lot of which can fortunately be switched off) however that is the main analysis we truly have. The activity is steady, there are a few spectacular set-parts of expand at and Nolan North and Richard McGonagle return as Drake and Sully. Filled with imaginative contacts from utilizing the PS Vita’s motion controls to point your firearm, or holding your Vita up to a light source, or scouring its screen to tackle perplexes, there’s generally an exquisite new thrive to find. Unfortunately, the Vita never got another adventure very like it.

Rogue Legacy

This enchanting roguelike is one of a few PS Vita games that didn’t get a physical delivery, meaning you ought to get it in the near future. The cunning mechanics at the foundation of Cellar Door Games’ adventure is that perishing allows you to continue playing with an immediate relative of your personality and they’ll frequently have capacities that can improve or upset your advancement, from childishness to crushing anything they screw up through. You before long understand that each quality can be taken advantage of here and there importance there are in every case better approaches to investigate the procedurally produced palace. It’s surely not a simple game, however a magnificent ability tree and impeccably adjusted battle mechanics make each new run that tad more straightforward.

Mortal Kombat

The PS Vita is blessed with a wealth of great fighters, but few can compete with the insane amount of content that Mortal Kombat offers. While its online servers have long since shut it features virtually all the content from the PS3’s Komplete Edition, meaning there’s a genuinely excellent story mode to battle through, sickening X-Ray Moves to enjoy and a gargantuan Challenge Tower to climb. Amazingly, the PS Vita version improves on this by retaining all the excellent gameplay and adding new costumes, touch-based finishing moves, and a brand-new Challenge Tower with 150 new missions to complete.

Velocity 2X

While its physical delivery is quickly raising in value there’s consistently the advanced form (while the store stays open). Despite which choice you truly do full for it’s impossible you’ll be frustrated with FuturLabs’ smooth shooter/run-and-firearm cross breed. Likewise with the first Velocity most levels partake in your Quarp Fly which has the helpful capacity to magically transport, however you can likewise now dock at different places and it’s here that the game presents new run-and-firearm stages as Kai Tana tears around shrewdly developed levels. She’s pretty much as agile as her fly and can likewise twist, significance you’ll have a lot of sharp riddles to settle as you race through each stage. Extraordinarily high speed and favored with a shocking soundtrack, Velocity 2X has probably the most excited impacting you can insight on Sony’s console.


DrinkBox Studios pushed out some brilliantly inventive stuff on Vita and this amazing cut them up from the Toronto-based studio is however difficult as it seems to be delightful. Favored with a shockingly rich story, Severed gives you a role as Sasha, a spunky little kid on a journey to track down her missing family. With a wicked edge close by, you swipe at the PS Vita’s screen to convey speedy slices, slow swipes, and shrewd counters as you’re continually attacked by bizarre bad dreams that are strikingly rejuvenated with the studio’s particular workmanship style. Every monster in the game has its own shortcomings and it turns into a frantic shuffling go about as you change between different focuses to take advantage of the chinks in their protections. Severed is one of those interesting Viva titles where its contacted based controls further develop the activity as opposed to diminish it, so download it now and plan to give your fingers a legitimate exercise.

WipEout 2048

There was no deficiency of incredible games for the PS Vita’s send off and WipEout stays one of the most mind-blowing dashing encounters you can have on the console. Indeed, it’s hampered by some sluggish stacking times and the weight and speed of the art take a short time to become acclimated to, however when the new dealing with clicks you’ll find the dashing and battle to be similarly pretty much as fulfilling as prior games in the series (which are really set numerous years after this prequel). While its online multiplayer is a relic of times gone by, there remains a lot of truck based content to keep you occupied.

The Walking Dead : Season 2

It’s feasible to buy a few Obvious Games titles on PS Vita, however its most memorable section in the well known Walking Dead series remains its most grounded. While the game doesn’t give remotely close as much organization over occasions as it would like you to accept, there’s no preventing the load from getting every decision you settle on as each choice apparently directs the eventual fate of hero Lee Everett and his young charge, Clementine. Indeed, based on a shaky game motor would turn out to be perpetually hazardous with later games, however the unmistakable looking visuals, greatly composed episodes, and various tense circumstances mean your Vita will seldom leave your hands.


There are various engaging Metroidvanias on Sony’s handheld, yet our number one remaining parts this amazing exertion from DrinkBox Studios. As you’d anticipate from its name, battle assumes a significant part in Guacamelee! with luchador Juan getting many battle based moves that permit him to explore the town of Santa Luchita and best its numerous occupants easily. Filled with brilliant characters, a drop-in and out two-player mode, a sharp content and a lot of critical manager experiences, Juan’s adventure traverses both life in living color and the dead and never disappoints. What a pity PS Vita proprietors never got the continuation.

Gravity Rush

Few videogame superheroes express their accessible powers as well as the primary hero of Japan Studio’s horrific act adventure game. Kat has the ability to control gravity and keeping in mind that it takes a short time to dominate, you’ll before long feel strong as you run at the edges of structures, drive yourself at foes and even expert the force of flight. It makes a magnificent feeling of opportunity as you investigate the stunning city of Hekseville and complete journeys for its vital NPCs while searching for the concealed jewels that will grow Kat’s wellbeing and award her new capacities. Not since Crackdown has the sensation of investigating introduced such countless prizes and it’s not difficult to lose center from the fundamental adventure as you investigate Hekseville’s numerous little hiding spots.

Japan Studio’s game is all that you need from an executioner application: it offers staggering visuals, makes a spectacular showing of exhibiting the PS Vita’s special credits, and is mechanically phenomenal. It’s essentially the best experience you can have on Sony’s handheld.

Killzone : Mercenary

Taking into account its capacities, the Vita was unequivocally short-served when it came to brilliant first-person shooters. Luckily, Guerilla Cambridge had the option to make up for the shortfall with an eminent exertion that made its friends look bizarre in correlation. While the edge rate can endure a shot on occasion and it’s somewhat on the short side, it looks enormous, has extraordinary shooting mechanics, and offers you the chance to play as the two sides of the contention. Unfortunately, its fantastic online multiplayer is as of now not going, so you’ll need to manage with the single-player crusade which times in at a brief yet activity pressed five hours.

Zero Escape : Virtue’s Last Reward

While the Zero Escape series began Nintendo’s DS, its two closing parts can be played on Vita and the two of them are breaking yarns. Like 999, Virtue’s Last Reward is parted between account based story segments that permit you to associate with the eight different characters who are caught with you in an obscure area and Escape areas that expect you to tackle various precarious riddles so you can advance the drawing in story. The masterstroke here however is the expansion of another Flowchart that permits you to immediately leap to central issues of the story as opposed to playing through the whole game once more.


The first Limited Run Games arrival of Derek Yu’s magnificent platformer sold out in two or three minutes, making it a seriously expensive buy these days. There’s a justification behind the popularity however, it’s basically the best platformer you can play on Vita, and taking into account the opposition that is high commendation without a doubt. Spelunky’s merciless trouble will almost certainly put many off, yet assuming you stay with it you’ll track down one of the most rewarding encounters around. While stages are procedurally produced, the adversaries and traps that occupy them comply with specific regulations and you’ll have to comprehend those to gain ground. Simply try to bind your Vita to your wrist as you might need to toss it now and again.

Soul Sacrifice Delta

With Nintendo securing Monster Hunter for the 3DS, various different engineers hurried to plug the vast opening on Vita. Soul Sacrifice Delta is effectively the most aggressive of these clones, and it’s the brainchild of Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune. Sacrifice has a major impact in Delta’s mechanics as you’ll need to not just sacrifice fallen enemies to support your details however utilizing specific powers will straightforwardly cripple you, importance there’s a little technique to go close by the battle. Delta is an improved update of Soul Sacrifice, as opposed to a legitimate continuation, and didn’t get a physical delivery in the west, albeit a costly Asian English language form is accessible.

Hotline Miami

Dennaton Games’ violently vicious hierarchical shooter is as much a riddle game as it is a hard and fast blaster. Each carefully organized level expects you to explore rooms filled with hooligans and accomplish your objectives as brutally as could really be expected. Doors can be rammed into enemies, weapons can be tossed at them and canines can be savagely wounded. No deed is excessively messy for your hero Coat and you’ll need to do a ton of frightful stuff and wear a few creature veils (all of which award you unmistakable powers) before you arrive at the game’s decision. Hotline Miami is however upscale as it seems to be energetic, on account of its neon-drenched pixel craftsmanship and strong composition, and ought not be missed. Its similarly vicious continuation, Wrong Number, is likewise accessible on Sony’s console.

Ys : Memories Of Celceta

The Ys series has been thumping around since the last part of the 80s and Memories is really a redo of the fourth game in the series which itself has two variants by two distinct designers. Notwithstanding its confounding heredity Celceta is a breaking update that highlights dynamic battle mechanics, an abundance of intriguing characters to meet, and a certified feeling of investigation as the amnesia-stricken Adol endeavors to sort his memories out while planning an enormous backwoods. It’s an incredible instance of modernizing a 16-bit game for another crowd and is filled with extraordinary story beats and a few fabulous manager battles. Adol’s Vita adventures would go on with Ys VIII : Lacrimosa Of Dana in 2016.

Minecraft : Playstation Vita Edition

The availability of Mojang’s reality manufacturer implies it’s ideal for gaming in a hurry. While some will be frustrated with its absence of story or guidance, the genuine excellence of Minecraft is the sheer opportunity that it offers. Basically anything you can imagine can be assembled (giving you have the right assets or are playing in Creation mode) and you’re just truly limited by your own creative mind. While it comes up short on tremendous playing region of the PC unique, the Vita variant actually manages to dazzle according to its own preferences and looks phenomenal as well.

Lumines Electronic Symphony

Q Entertainment’s sound-based puzzle game made its presentation on the PSP and this new Vita emphasis keeps similar base mechanics while including a couple of shrewd kinks of its own. Contact based controls are usable as well as a more conventional set-up, while melodic skins are currently opened through another experience framework. Two pristine blocks are acquainted permitting you with mix on-screen blocks or chain together blocks and there’s another Voyage mode where you should persistently make hued squares, which is easy to talk about, not so easy to do. Coupled with a dazzling soundtrack and the PS Vita’s OLED display it makes for a wonderful combination of sight and sound.

Odin Sphere Lefithrasir

Despite the fact that Vanillaware’s game got going on PS2, the PS Vita modification has gone through so many changes it very well may be considered an independent (and much better) discharge. Battle has been decisively overhauled contrasted with the PS2 unique, various new enemies and managers have been added and burdensome components like the stock, POW check, and Psypher frameworks have been totally overhauled. The various new changes, incredibly improved framerate, and extra personal satisfaction contacts that Vanillaware has added truly permit you to appreciate Odin Sphere’s great story as it unfurls and interweaves by means of the five unmistakable characters you gain to influence.

Person 4 Golden

This gigantic redo of the PS2 game was initially made arrangements for PSP, yet Atlas moved advancement to Sony’s new console and the outcome is one of the framework’s most immersing games. Persona 4 was at that point a stunningly profound encounter on PS2, yet this new Vita correction extends things emphatically with a lot of new satisfied, including a shiny new person called Marie, as well as extended storylines and social connections and the presentation of new Personas, fresh out of the box new story components and enormously improved visuals. Indeed, even without this large number of delectable additional items Persona 4 is raised to significance because of its profound battle mechanics, brilliantly adaptable gameplay, its novel prisons, and uncommonly composed characters who are however fascinating as they seem to be fluctuated. For sure, there’s so much happening in Atlus’ game that it’s not difficult to neglect you should find a chronic executioner.

Dragon Quest Builders

However incredible as Minecraft may be, its freestyle gameplay absolutely isn’t ideal for everybody. On the off chance that you’re like us and need somewhat more design with your digging and building, you’ll view Dragon Quest Builders as the ideal tonic. It takes the center idea of Mojang’s wonderfully effective game, however weds it to the well known Dragon Quest universe and fills it with affable characters, light RPG mechanics, and a drawing in story. It’s shrewd with its construction as well, gradually giving you basic errands to finish that seldom charge you, yet as the game arrives at its decision you’ll regulate targets that will be beyond anything you could ever imagine.


While an improved rendition would advance toward PS4, we feel Media Molecule’s innovative platformer charges best on Vita. In the same way as other early Vita games, Tearaway utilizes the PS Vita’s elements, however here they improve the on-screen activity and never feel like constrained in contrivances. You can contact the back screen to stick your fingers into the world and connect with it, make different things for the world’s occupants by means of the touchscreen and even show up in the game as a Teletubbies-styled sun. Beyond its many imaginative twists Tearaway happens in a flawlessly built paper world brimming with folds, wrinkles, and kinks and has a beguiling story at its middle that is just as noteworthy as Tearaway’s steadily developing game mechanics.

Dariusburst : Chronicle Saviours

Hardly any Vita shoot em ups are basically as aggressive as this enormous game. While many recoiled from its high advanced asking cost, it seems OK when you understand exactly how much satisfied Taito’s sublime shooter really contains. As well as highlighting every one of the extras from the various arcade renditions, including the 3,000 phase varieties of Chronicles mode, Guardian angels additionally adds the spic and span Chronicle Heros mode which gives you north of 180 additional stages to handle and a wide range of flavorful treats to open, from new ships to managers and sound tracks. Simply be careful that the idea of the arcade games implies Arcade and EX mode are seriously letterboxed, which can make it intense to handle the water-themed managers.

Dragon’s Crown

Vanillaware’s lively brawler is likewise available on PS3 and PS4 however the Vita’s shocking OLED screen punches up the activity no closure. Dragon’s Crown is basically a modern-day development of the looking over warriors of old however ramps things up significantly because of its rich battle system, some strong RPG mechanics, six particular person classes that all play uniquely in contrast to one another, and a few genuinely colossal prisons to explore. While it comes up short on multiplayer of its greater siblings, the enemy AI is adjusted enough that you wouldn’t fret doing combating the game’s in many cases staggering supervisors all alone. The studio’s previous delivery, Muramasa : The Demon Blade, is similarly deserving of your time, however very expensive at this point.


Jeff Minter has been tweaking and advancing Tempest throughout recent years and with TxK he verges on consummating it. At its heart, TxK is a cylinder shooter meaning you hurdle around the edges of intricate shapes shooting at anything in your way, prior to continuing to the next level. It’s straightforward enough in its execution, yet TxK functions admirably on the grounds that Minter is an expert at making jerk response based shooters and TxK is one of his best ever manifestations. Each level not just looks mind boggling thanks to the trippy psychedelic visuals and the Vita’s OLED screen, however they additionally sound extraordinary as well and this stunning mix of shooting and style makes TxK so difficult to put down. It has a charming draw that is difficult to overlook and it’s a sorry disgrace that it never got a physical delivery.

Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc

This excellent visual novel and murder mystery game is keenly parted into two particular parts. The School Life sections highlight dating sim elements and make them visit to your friends as you attempt and work out who is knocking off other understudies and the character of a dreadful talking bear called Monokuma. You additionally get the chance to examine rooms and get hints like the Phoenix Wright games. Class Preliminaries on the other hand crop up at whatever point a homicide casualty is found and you then need to figure out who the executioner is utilizing various decision answers or strict “Truth Bullets” to get someone in clearly false and take care of yourself in the process ideally. Pointedly composed and expertly paced it’s one of the best examples of the class on Vita. Its two Vita continuations likewise come energetically suggested.

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Assuming that we missed any best PS Vita Games forever, If it's not too much trouble, let us in on in comments!

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