10 Best Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress In 2023

You can moderate these issues and partake in every one of the advantages images bring to the table by improving your images.


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This is finished by decreasing image size and the manner in which your site handles image stacking. The cycle can be tedious whenever done physically, however WordPress clients can exploit image enhancer WordPress plugins to smooth out their endeavors.


Imagify compresses your recently transferred images as well as images as of now in your WordPress media folder. Everything is taken care of naturally, saving you time and improving your work process.

One eminent element of Imagify is its three optimization levels, which you can flip in the plugin settings. The three choices are lossless compression, lossy compression, and solid lossy compression for the littlest image files however the most reduced image quality. This gives you more command over the level of value and file size.

Imagify is viable with WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, and other famous plugins, making it ideal for destinations with a ton of images that should be compressed. Moreover, Imagify has a reinforcement choice where you can reestablish the first version whenever and start once more.

WP Compress

WP Compress, an image optimization plugin that shrinks file sizes utilizing local image optimization and live image optimization. It additionally offers versatile images by device, retina device support, and image lazy loading. File compression is totally mechanized.

WP compress likewise utilizes a CDN to serve images as quick as seven milliseconds without expecting to make them so little, and it offers various elements for organizations who might be working with different client destinations. Together, these highlights make WP Compress areas of strength for a for those dealing with numerous client locales.


Smush is the most famous image optimization plugin accessible for WordPress. It applies lossless compression (meaning no quality is removed from the image file) to lessen your image size by up to 5 MB, separately or in mass. It likewise goes to different lengths to improve page execution including sluggish stacking and auto-resizing.

Smush is a simple plugin for novices. In the event that you install this plugin on a current site, all you want to do to turn it on is go to the plugin’s settings. Then, at that point, it will optimize your current images in general. Any new images you transfer will be optimized consequently too as long as the plugin is installed.

The free version of Smush and its paid friend, Smush Pro, are phenomenal all-around choices for most WordPress clients hoping to compress their images however who lack the opportunity to compress each image themselves. Smush Pro ($6 each month) lessens file sizes more than the free version, and furthermore eliminates file size limits (the free version confines you to images under 1 MB).


reSmush.it is the authority WordPress plugin for the reSmush.it image compressor, which applies one of a few compression calculations to each image you transfer. It permits you to compress images up to 5 MB for free, and you can mass optimize images in only two ticks.

Critically, reSmush.it makes a duplicate of the first image and works off that duplicate for compression, guaranteeing that you never lose the first. It likewise has a sliding scale for optimization level for better command over compression level.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

The freemium image optimization plugin ShortPixel offers two different image compression arrangements, lossless and lossy. Lossy compression implies a few information is erased from the file, bringing about a lot more modest files however somewhat lower image quality. To pick between these techniques, attempt ShortPixel.

One of the most incredible pieces of this plugin is that it stores the first duplicate of the image, making it simple to reestablish if necessary. It additionally accompanies other little advantages including CMK to RGB conversion and image rescaling. Also, ShortPixel permits compression for JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, AVIF, and PDF files without size limits.

ShortPixel allows clients to optimize 100 images each month for free, and charges month to month for extra images. For instance, you can pay $3.99 each month for 7,000 images each month, $8.33 each month for 16,000 images each month, etc.


Assuming you’re searching for an image optimizer plugin that resizes as opposed to compressing, attempt Imsanity. This free plugin changes the elements of images as you transfer them to your WordPress site. It’s extraordinary in that you can determine a greatest width, level, and quality level, and it will distinguish and resize any images that surpass those boundaries, causing it ideal for sites that to have less-rigid image necessities no matter how you look at it.

Imsanity likewise offers a mass resize highlight for any recently transferred images and can convert less optimized file types (like BMPs and PNGs) to less cumbersome JPG designs. In general, this plugin is best for content-weighty locales, for example, blogs, that expect creators to transfer their own images. Rather than depending on supporters of size images themselves, use Imsanity to mechanize the process.

Note that Imsanity doesn’t make a difference compression past the WordPress default compression. In any case, you can utilize an image compression plugin related to Imsanity to additional compress your resized images.


On the off chance that data transfer capacity is a worry, Optimus optimizes transferred WordPress images up to 70%. The plugin does this by sending images files to the Optimus server and returning new, more modest versions to use on your site. This compression is lossless and will not change the nature of the images. It likewise takes crafted by really compressing the images off of your own server.

Optimus is a hands-off tool it naturally processes the images as they are transferred to your WordPress site, in this way improving your site’s page execution without exertion from you. You have the choice to stop the programmed optimization assuming you wish.

Notwithstanding the free version, Optimus offers two paid versions : Optimus HQ ($29 each year) and Optimus HQ Pro ($149 each year). Both paid versions empower HTTPS association with the Optimus compression server, conversion for WebP images, and admittance to the developer API. Optimus HQ Pro is better for the individuals who deal with numerous locales since it provides a permit for all client destinations.

Kraken.io Image Optimizer

This plugin works with the Kraken.io API, an image optimization administration that upholds both lossless and lossy compression. Kraken offers image optimization notwithstanding different elements like a Page Cruncher and Dropbox similarity. Optimization is performed through Kraken’s framework and adding the result to your WordPress library.

Other than compression, the plugin consequently resizes images upon transfer in light of assigned most extreme dimensions, and it has a mass activity menu to deal with numerous images in one go.

Likewise significant is the file size limit, which is a liberal 32 MB for each file. Notwithstanding, you’re limited to 100 MB of images each month on the free version. There are five paid plans for expanded file size limits, going from 500 MB each month for $5 each month to 60 GB of images each month for $79 each month.

EWWW Image Optimizer

The EWWW Image Optimizer plugin works in basically the same manner to our initial two suggestions in that it naturally optimizes images as you transfer them to your site, and you additionally have the choice to optimize recently transferred JPG images exclusively or in mass. EWWW’s compression is lossless.

Yet, EWWW accompanies a few additional advantages that make it stick out. The plugin takes into consideration unlimited file sizes, so you won’t have to stress over huge, uncompressed images. Plus, the top notch API version can deal with PNG, GIF, and WebP files, which is perfect for destinations that integrate these file types. Ultimately, EWWW Image Optimizer has a help group that responds to all inquiries, including those from free clients.

TinyPNG Image Optimizer

TinyPNG Image Optimizer naturally optimizes your JPGs and PNGs by coordinating with the image compression administrations TinyJPG and TinyPNG. These tools break down the substance of the image and pick the best compression technique without compromising image quality. This compression incorporates diminishing or dispensing with metadata, diverting antiques, and eliminating repetitive information.

TinyPNG Image Optimizer will naturally optimize all images as you transfer them in the background, plus images previously transferred to your site. There are likewise plugin choices to keep specific metadata in your images, similar to copyright and geolocation, as well as a CMYK-to-RGB converter and no file size limits. Notwithstanding, you are limited to around 100 images a month for free. From that point forward, you’ll require a paid record.


Final Thoughts

Images presumably improve a site, yet they can cause more damage than great on the off chance that they influence load time. By upgrading the images on your webpage, you're moving toward better Search engine optimization and an improved client experience for your site guests.

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