10 Best Live Streaming Apps For Android & iOS

Lately, live streams have become progressively popular. Whether it’s to advance products and services, interface with people in general, or basically share regular minutes, these streams are a superb method for associating with your crowd and grow your image’s range. That is the reason it’s so vital to realize which are the best applications to do live streams on your Android or iPhone.

With the developing interest for this kind of satisfied, a few applications have arisen that work with live streaming. The most utilized applications to do live streams are Streamyard, Belive, and Restream yet there are others.

By picking the right application for your live stream, you will have the potential chance to make quality substance that can stand out for your crowd and create commitment for your business. Consequently, it is vital to know the choices accessible available and pick the one that best addresses your issues and objectives.

What is Live Streaming Apps ?

While going live, there are a few interesting points. The first is whether you need to stream at the same time to numerous platforms. Native platforms, for example, YouTube or Instagram permit you to perform live streams, however they will continuously be restricted to the platforms of these informal communities.

The subsequent concern is connected with whether this application permits you to send from the PC or on the other hand assuming it is just on your phone. These days, most platforms permit you to stream both on your cell and on your computer, however there are exemptions.

At last, you ought to consider regardless of whether you need to share your screen. Assuming you expect to share the screen, utilizing the PC becomes fundamental. At last, regard the standards of every stage so as not to risk being restricted.

Given the warnings, we should get to the rundown!

Facebook Live

One more superb choice is one included inside the Facebook application itself, permitting speedy collaborations with your family, friends, fans, and watchers through the present biggest social network.

Through it, it is feasible to acquire supporters (subscribers), stars (gifts), and considerably more. It’s additionally very simple to utilize, taking into account continuous discussions by means of the remarks area. You can do Facebook streams utilizing the actual application, both on your own profile and on your business page. In contrast to the past choices, when you do it on Facebook you will not have the option to broadcast on other social networks simultaneously.

YouTube Live

One of the greatest video platforms, YouTube likewise has the usefulness that permits you to live stream. Utilizing it, you can communicate with a truly enormous number of individuals, having the option to advance your brand, and your art, make tutorials, and significantly more.

To have the option to utilize it, your record should not be excessively new. It is exceptionally simple to utilize, its streams show up in the home tab of specific users, it permits you to make happy with proficient level versions, and permits you to talk during the transmission.


It’s the application I use for my business and the one I prescribe if you have any desire to do live streams for Facebook and Youtube simultaneously. It is incredibly straightforward. Simply make your record, associate it to your Facebook or Youtube and you’re prepared to stream.

They have a free arrangement that considers as long as 20 hours of streaming each month. The Essential arrangement, then again, is limitless as far as the quantity of hours, it can have up to 10 concurrent participants in the stream and broadcast all the while to 3 areas. This Essential arrangement starts at 25 bucks.

Each time I’ve utilized it I haven’t had any issues, it’s likewise exceptionally lightweight and that implies you don’t need to strain the computer to an extreme, dissimilar to an OBS which winds up requesting a great deal. In spite of not having an application for Android or iPhone, you can utilize Streamyard on your mobile gadget utilizing the program login.


The brand leaned toward by more youthful users, Twitch, is likewise an extraordinary choice. In spite of being utilized a ton by gamers, the application is likewise used to make different kinds of transmissions like music or diversion.

One more benefit of broadcasting live utilizing Twitch is the chance of monetization. The stage offers multiple ways of bringing in cash from streams, including selling memberships, advertisements, and watcher gifts. Content makers can likewise use commitment tools like live visit and surveys to increment crowd commitment and fan steadfastness.

OneStream Live

Onestream is a live video streaming stage that does a ton of what we’ve discussed up until this point however has a few particularities. One of the fundamental benefits is the capacity to broadcast live on in excess of 40 platforms at the same time, permitting the client to contact a bigger crowd on various social networks.

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One more benefit of Onestream is the usability of the stage. With a natural connection point, the client can start broadcasting live in almost no time, without the requirement for muddled setups or particular specialized information. This permits in any event, streaming novices to make top notch live streams.

Furthermore, Onestream offers progressed highlights for redoing broadcasts, for example, the capacity to add logos, and various foundations and welcome different users to utilize. It additionally permits you to record and broadcast your live streams later, planning times.

Instagram Live

One more of the best applications to do live streams is additionally one of the greatest social networks today: Instagram. Through it, you can perform streams utilizing the Stories tool, permitting you to associate with your adherents simultaneously.

It’s presumably the simplest approach live with only the snap of a button. With it, you can do live streams of as long as 24 hours and even save them after they finish. In Instagram Lives you can add channels, welcome up to 4 individuals and add titles.

You can likewise share pictures or bring in cash from gifts made by participants. Nonetheless, for this last point, your profile should be empowered for this.

CameraFi Live

We additionally have CameraFi Live, an application grew only for Android that permits live transmissions to the most different platforms and networks like Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch.

With it, transmissions have no time limits. It is feasible to associate outside cameras to additional increment the nature of your stream, notwithstanding other great choices. In it, you can add pictures, channels, and audio. If you have any desire to do game streams, that is not an issue all things considered: the application allows you to share your screen, leaving simply a picture of your face in the corner while you play.


BeeLive is ideally suited for anyone who needs to broadcast live on Facebook. It has a few tools to work on the nature of your live streams. Among them, is the chance of featuring significant inquiries, permitting them to show up so you can give a response to your crowd.

Likewise, the program additionally makes it conceivable to share the screen, which will assist a great deal for the individuals who with utilizing the transmissions to give examples or show something explicit. It is likewise conceivable to embed text and pictures in your live streams utilizing the program.

Best of all : BeeLive brings an extremely minimal expense to the table for you this large number of tools.


Since we are discussing social networks, it merits recollecting that TikTok likewise permits you to live stream without any problem. One of the benefits of TikTok live streams is the usability of the stage. With only a couple of taps on the screen, you can start a live stream and start communicating with your crowd continuously. Furthermore, TikTok offers a progression of elements and tools to work on the nature of the broadcast, like channels, embellishments, and audio highlights.

During the live stream, watchers can send remarks, likes, and virtual gifts. Virtual gifts, in particular, are a method for bringing in cash for content makers, who can get a piece of the worth of the presents they get while streaming.


Restream is an extremely renowned live-streaming tool, being involved by enormous organizations on the lookout. With this stage, making concurrent transmissions to a few social networks, contacting a bigger crowd in various channels is conceivable.

One of the upsides of Restream is that it permits you to utilize outer programming, like Zoom or OBS, to play out the live stream. This implies that you can arrange the broadcast as you wish and afterward send it to your preferred social networks.

It likewise has underlying visit, which permits you to talk with your crowd continuously during the broadcast. This is vital to create commitment and increment collaboration with the crowd.

One more fascinating component of Restream is the choice to schedule live broadcasts, which permits you to set a particular date and time for the live. This is valuable for booking broadcasts ahead of time and guaranteeing your crowd knows about when your next live stream will occur.

The streaming application likewise has paid plans that offer extra elements, for example, broadcasts in Full HD quality and integration with analytics tools to follow your broadcast information.

If we missed any best live streaming apps for Android & iOS, Please let us know in comments!

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