Top 5 Minecraft Games For Android In 2023

There truly aren’t any games like Minecraft out there, yet there are numerous that come close! Look at these Minecraft choices!

Minecraft is a culture all its own and to express that there are games like Minecraft is presumably bogus. In any case, there are things about Minecraft that certain individuals could do without yet like the thought by and large. The authority Minecraft application currently has cross-stage support for PC and Xbox One and it’s getting increasingly hard for contenders to keep up. Nonetheless, for the individuals who need to have a go at something else, here are the best games like Minecraft for Android.

We might want to give a decent notice to The Blockheads. It was a famous Minecraft elective for a long time, however Noodlecake needed to bring the game down because of debates with Google Play. It’s still great, however you need to introduce the APK yourself now.


Roblox is frequently contrasted with Minecraft, regardless of whether Roblox is significantly greater with much more stuff to do. Roblox is a stage where individuals can play an enormous number of game sorts made by local area individuals. A portion of those can incorporate building and crafting. They can likewise incorporate shooting and riddles, and a wide range of stuff. Where Roblox and Minecraft run into each other with regards to opportunity. Players can play anything they desire and aren’t limited nearly a direct way. This significant level sandbox style of game play isn’t like Minecraft, yet it seems like Minecraft in certain respects.


Terraria is Minecraft’s nearest rival. It has a ton of similar components including mining, crafting, making due, and killing a periodic chief. Notwithstanding, this one happens in a 2D space rather than a 3D space like Minecraft. The game incorporates multiplayer with up to seven different players, north of 20 biomes to investigate, different NPCs to search out, and that’s just the beginning. This hadn’t arrived for a little while on the grounds that it hadn’t gotten refreshes in seemingly forever. Nonetheless, it appears to be the engineers are back ready at this point. This one is additionally free with Google Play Pass assuming you use it.

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Pixel Worlds

Pixel Worlds is a tomfoolery blend of MMO and Minecraft (or, all the more specifically, Terraria). Players play in a 2D world with various mining and crafting mechanics. In any case, there are also dungeons to investigate and other stuff. What makes it one of a kind is the inclusion of different players into the game. You can join servers currently in progress or start your own for different players to join. It’s an exceptional encounter and it’s also cross stage with PC and Macintosh.


LostMiner is a great deal like Terraria. It utilizes 2D style game play yet at the same time incorporates things like mining, building, and crafting different things. You can likewise track down trouble makers, creatures, and different things as you play. The illustrations won’t win any honors, however they fit the style of the game genuinely well. The majority of the objections are bug related however this is a non mainstream game so that will be normal a tad. In any case, the game is generally modest and shockingly amusing to play.


Survivalcraft is one of the nearest Minecraft style games you can find. You end up secured on a shore of a block planet. The objective is to build stuff, craft things, make weapons, safeguard yourself, develop plants, and the entirety of that stuff. This one likewise goes that unique above and beyond where you can build working machines that really get things done. Likewise, you can play with up to three players in split screen mode assuming that you play on a gadget that can deal with it. Survivalcraft 2 hasn’t seen an update starting around 2017 so we’re a piece stressed that it’s deserted, yet it plays fine for the present moment.

Assuming we missed any of the best games like Minecraft for Android, enlighten us concerning them in the comments!

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