Top 10 Rhythm Games For Android In 2023

Rhythm games aren’t as mainstream as they were, however there is as yet a steadfast fan base that cherishes the challenge.

Rhythm games have been around for quite a while. Who can fail to remember the times of Dance Revolution? We saw a gigantic spike in prominence with games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero too. Those games aren’t famous on consoles any longer, yet the prominence has made an interpretation of well to mobile. The capacity to tap, swipe, and hold your finger to the screen imitates a ton of more established rhythm games well and a ton of designers have worked effectively with it.

There are quite a couple of decent rhythm games out there and a large number of them genuinely take advantage of the touchscreen and accelerometer. Here are the best rhythm games for Android.


Lanota is one of the most one of a kind rhythm games on this rundown. It puts a lot heavier accentuation on the story line. You’ll play as the eponymous title character as you travel a guide and find new insider facts. The genuine game mechanics happen on a goliath wheel that moves around. This makes the game both testing and complex. It doesn’t feel like other rhythm games despite the fact that it is one. It highlights ten levels, three challenges, 16 tracks, and an image book that shows you the story. It’s certainly special.


BeatX is one of the more reliable rhythm games on Android. It likewise includes a DDR-style strategy for play with directional fastens and holds. You’ll likewise approach a solitary player mode, pairs mode, and split-screen multiplayer. On top of being a strong title, the game likewise includes lots of content. You’ll likewise have the option to transfer your own records for however long they are in the appropriate organizations (.sm, .smzip, .dwi). It’s a genuinely exhaustive game. A decent one for those like serious rhythm games.

Rhythm Hive

Rhythm Hive is one of the more well known rhythm games on the rundown. It’s an allowed to-play choice with a lot of melodies. The game depends intensely on pivoting pennant occasions with melodies from different (and genuine) specialists. For example, at the hour of this composition, the application is doing a late spring break occasion with BTS, Tomorrow x Together, and Enhypen. The specialists are very great, if somewhat normal of a rhythm game. The discovery is somewhat more sympathetic than some. It’s intended to be played nonchalantly with a lot of customization choices for the player. A few updates wind up presenting a few bugs, however the game is strong more often than not.

Lost In Harmony

Lost In Harmony is a flawlessly done rhythm game with sprinter style components. Players control a kid and young lady in the focal point of the screen. They should stay away from snags to the beat of the music. There are two stories in the game, those of MIRAI and Kaito. Furthermore, the engineers gloat north of 10,000 extra tracks by different individuals from the local area. Frankly, we don’t play games like this one regularly. It’s a free download too with some in-application buys.

A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice is a straightforward, however fun rhythm game. You play as a red and blue dab and you should tap to the beat to move them through some random level. The different shapes, winds, and turns in the level assist with dictating the speed. The graphics aren’t the most cleaned in the class, yet the music is very great and the one-gave mechanics make for a pleasant arcade experience. There are additionally manager levels, alignment settings, and another stuff. Additionally, it runs for $1.99 with no in-application buys or advertisements.

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Cytoid is one of the more current rhythm games on the rundown. It’s a local area rhythm game. As a matter of fact, the game download has not many tunes all alone. You can find, download, and add melodies by different individuals from the Cytoid people group. You can likewise foster your own step documents for others to play. It plays a great deal like the famous Cytus concerning looks and mechanics. Some even call this one a clone. This is an amazing game for the more no-nonsense rhythm game fans out there. It’s additionally absolutely free with no in-application buys or promotions.


OverRapid is one of the harder rhythm games on the rundown. These games have a hard mode. Notwithstanding, OverRapid adds to the difficulty with a sum of six paths and that is somewhat higher than you typically see. The game highlights a lot of music, more music through in-application buys, and a couple of play modes that make things somewhat simpler. The graphics are vivid and futuristic. The application has an intermittent bug and it’s not exactly as profound as a portion of these others. Be that as it may, its interesting gameplay and decent music determination make it a top pick for us. Our main genuine complaint is the heap times. They can get kind of lengthy now and again.


Arcaea is one of the fresher rhythm games on the rundown. It has an anime style like the majority of the others on the rundown. This one likewise utilizes a more old fashioned step span like Guitar Hero instead of the fresher tap-and-swipe mechanics of something like Cytus II. The game play is smooth and simple to pick up. You likewise move past 90 melodies from 50 specialists, three difficulty levels for every track, and more music accessible as in-application buys. Competitor lists and online companions balance the experience. A significant part of the substance is free, yet you want to buy the extra tracks, again, as in-application buys.

Rayark Rhythm Games

Rayark is an engineer on Google Play with an assortment of outstanding rhythm games. Their library includes the famous Cytus and Cytus II alongside VOEZ, Deemo, Sdorica, and the more seasoned Mandora. These are among the most elite in this class on mobile and perhaps beyond mobile also. Each game has somewhat of a story for certain melodies to play. There are in-application buys for extra tune packs also. These are top-level great, albeit some, as Mandora, haven’t been refreshed in seemingly forever. Rayark basically single-handedly hauled this sort into pertinence and their games are first class.


Dynamix is one of the more current ages of rhythm games that have done well indeed. This one elements a hierarchical style of play alongside swiping activities that add to the intricacy and difficulty. It highlights 20 melodies and you can purchase more as in-application buys. In the same way as other, this one purposes an anime subject with splendid, neon colors out of control. It’s not generally so profound as something like Cytus. In any case, it actually does the basic rhythm game stuff all around well. You can download it free of charge and purchase more tunes through in-application buys.

Assuming that we missed any of the best rhythm games for Android, educate us regarding them in the comments!

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