10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android In 2023

You won’t find encounters like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, yet you in all actuality do in any case have choices.

Video editing is perhaps of the heaviest undertaking that a device can perform. On PCs, it requires respectable specs, lots of Slam, lots of capacity, and some ability on the best way to make it work. Phones don’t have the specs or ability to reproduce encounters like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Notwithstanding, versatile applications have improved altogether here. Many could in fact manage 4K videos and can make stuff that looks adequate for TikTok or YouTube.

We don’t expect the rundown underneath to change frequently since video editing is a particularly troublesome movement. All things considered, there are a few incredible choices. Here are the best video editor applications for Android.


FilmoraGo is a video editor application by Wondershare. It’s effectively one of the most outstanding video editor applications. This video editor sneaks up suddenly. You can do the nuts and bolts like trim and cut, render, and that sort of stuff. It likewise incorporates the capacity to play backward, do square videos (1:1) for Instagram, and 16:9 videos for YouTube explicitly. It additionally has support for things like sluggish movement, changes, music, overlays, and the sky is the limit from there. It’s surprisingly good for what you get. There are in-application buys that add to the power. Nonetheless, a large portion of the highlights are, truth be told, free.


KineMaster is one of the most impressive video editor applications accessible and furthermore one of the first. You can do the nuts and bolts as the majority of these other video editors can. Nonetheless, this one incorporates different video, picture and impact layers. Furthermore, there are sound channels, chroma-key (for your green screen spreads out there), different video impacts, advances, and that’s just the beginning. It’s not so strong as a full work area editor. Nonetheless, this draws much nearer than most different contenders. We would suggest this for real video production (essentially for stuff like YouTube). You can involve it free of charge in preliminary mode for some time. Be that as it may, you’ll require the $4.99 each month membership to get everything for eternity.


ActionDirector is one of the most famous video editing applications on PC. It’s likewise accessible on Android. It does the rudiments. You can import cuts, alter them, and render the video. You can do things like add your own music, trim and cut video, add text, utilize slow movement, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s one of only a handful of exceptional video editor applications that likewise upholds 4K video. However, you’ll need to check and check whether your device upholds it. The designers have a clever device connected in the Google Play Store to check whether yours would be able. It likewise gets regular updates.

GoPro Quick

GoPro Quik is from a more current age of video editor applications. It’s mostly fair assuming that you really want something basic. The manner in which it works is you amount to 50 photos and video clips into the application. The application then examines them and lets out a brief video from them. Quik contains around two dozen video styles and you can re-request and tweak your video before you trade it. It’s not close to as strong as something like Adobe Premiere Clip or PowerDirector, yet not every person needs something that extreme. It’s allowed to download with no in-application buys.

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CapCut is a basic, compelling video editor. It’s pointed generally at TikTok makers, however you can involve it for Reels and YouTube Shorts also. It has practical experience in short-structure video. There is a thorough stockpile of channels and layouts you can utilize. They are utilized to imitate existing patterns and a portion of the channels are simply fun. You truly do get some more customary video editing highlights like keyframe editing, slow movement support, the image in-picture capability, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Best of all, the application didn’t irritate us to pay for anything while we tried it out. There are in-application buys as per Google Play, however we didn’t track down them during our testing.


InShot is a very basic video editor with a weighty spotlight on things like channels, video managing, and more limited videos. It has a sensibly basic course of events editor with different video and sound channels. You likewise get essential tools like trimming, a determination of music, and different other little things like blurring in and out. Its toolset, sticker packs, speed controls, and different highlights make it extraordinary for things like YouTube, TikTok, and comparable stages. We likewise very like how it has a solitary sticker price close by its membership on the off chance that you need to go that course.


Funimate is one of the shockingly well known, however not excessively strong video editor applications. It charges itself similar to an incredible application for making music videos or basic videos out of the stuff you as of now have on your device. There are 15 video channels that you can play with and the creation cycle is genuinely easy. This isn’t something you’d need to use on a serious video. It has things like video impacts. Nonetheless, it’s better for short minimal web-based entertainment posts as opposed to real video creation. You can download it for nothing to give it a shot yourself.


VivaVideo is one of the especially famous video editing applications. By and by, however, it’s an extremely widely appealing video editor. It functions admirably for short clips for virtual entertainment. The application utilizes a storyboard way of editing where you load clips, alter and manage them depending on the situation, and afterward continue on toward the following portion. It incorporates more than 200 video channels and different impacts, text info, and quick and slow-movement support. VivaVideo has a free rendition that accompanies a watermark and a period limit for some random video. You can eliminate these limitations by purchasing the star form.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is one of two better than expected Adobe video editor applications. The other is Adobe Premiere Clip which is more like a standard mobile video editor. At any rate, Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the fresher video editor applications on the rundown and it’s very good. It accompanies a great deal of must-have highlights, including multi-track timetables, cloud synchronizing, and some high level editing tools. The application actually needs some UI work and some bug fixes, however it has a lot of potential. Besides, it’s remembered for the Adobe Creative Cloud membership so it merits a shot on the off chance that you utilize that help as of now.

Fun truth, the mobile rendition of Adobe Lightroom really incorporates some video editing highlights also.

Assuming we missed any of the best video editor applications for Android, educate us concerning them in the comments!

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